Welcome to my blog!

I’m The Stylish DreamerΒ and I love fashion design,reading amazing novels,being creative, having fun and just being positive, so in my blog that’s mainly what you will read about!

Why ‘The Stylish Dreamer’, you may ask? I absolutely adore writing about fashion, experimenting with different styles and just being creative! Oh and I also daydream. A lot! In my opinion, Dream World (AKA My Imagination) is a whole lot of more interesting anyway haha. So that’s actually how my blogging name came to be.

Grab some chocolate and follow along to read and join in on the fun and craziness that I blog about!

I really hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much I enjoy writing it!

Take a look around,have fun and Most Importantly-Keep Dreaming!

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  1. Hey Sasha dear! I’m going through my Scribbler sign-ups and getting ready to pair everyone up — but I don’t see your form? I think you said that you’d signed up and I just wanted to let you know that there’s no sign-up form under your name, in case it didn’t go through. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hello May!! Oh dear-I’m so sorry! I just sent I my form-I think the last time, I filled it out but somehow I forgot to send it in? I’m really really sorry!! Hopefully it’s gone through now? Thank you so much for letting me know-you are the best! ☺️❀

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    1. Hi Oriana! OMG Thank you so much for the nomination!! I’d be thrilled to do it and I’m so glad that you like my blog,😊 I love your blog as well, all of Your posts are amazing and really well written! πŸ’—πŸ˜„

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