3 DIY Card Ideas For Any Occasion ! 

Hi everyone ! 

Today,( September 30th) is a special day because it’s my mum’s birthday ! So Mum if you are reading this Happy Birthday !! 

Now I don’t know about you but I love personalizing and making my own cards instead of just getting a store bought one that won’t have as much value as a card that you have made by yourself. In my opinion people will appreciate it a lot more ! 

Now I know that sometimes when you try to DIY your own ‘Pinterest ‘ worthy card it doesn’t always come out quite the way you expect it to but ‘No need to fear for The Stylish Dreamer is here ! ‘

That is why today I will be sharing with you Three DIY Card Ideas and the best part ? You can make them for any occasion ! And I will also be sharing some of my favourite tips for Card making ! 

Let’s get started ! 

        Tip 1 

  • Do your research

Try to think of all the things person you will be giving the card to likes whether it is their favourite book or even colour or pattern ! And then you can make your card perfectly tailored to that particular person ! 

   Card Idea #1        

Balloons and confetti card ! 

This card is the perfect mixture of balloons and confetti ! And it’s so easy to make ! 

Check out the amazing idea by Nicole Heady

All you need is cardstock, hole punchers, coloured/patterned paper,glue,pretty string and your creativity! 

Tip 2

  • Go crazy with colours 

Try to make your card as happy and cheerful looking as possible and as wild and crazy as you are ! Have fun with it because after all  the sky is the limit to your imagination ! This way whenever the person you are giving the card to feels sad they can look at your card and at least smile when they remember you.

     Card Idea #2

This card is simple yet very element and very customizable ! I love this idea by Sara Rayner because you can be really creative with it but still manage to look super elegant.

Also it probably the easiest card ever ! All you will need is ribbon, patterned/coloured paper  card stock and glue ! 

Tip 3 

  • Add in some puns 

Don’t be afraid to make your card as ‘punny’ as you would like ! Add in some quotes and lots of well known and loved puns or you could even make your card themed ! 

Card Idea #3 

This amazingly awesome card is probably all you will want to express to a chocoholic or just any person who really understands the depth of your love for chocolate ! 

Check out the Original from Stamp

This card looks a little bit more complicated but you just need 2 colours of card stock ( one of them brown ! ), foil, patterned paper and glue ! 

I just adore all of these ideas and I hope you do too ! Let me know in the comments below if you liked theses ideas and if you would try them out. I hope you do ! Feel free to send me the pictures if you do try them out at ! I would LOVE to see them !!!

Keep dreaming ! 

~The Stylish Dreamer.


16 thoughts on “3 DIY Card Ideas For Any Occasion ! ”

  1. Yeah, me too. I usually make my own card than buy it at the store. I love the first idea! Seriously, I must try it out. When I finished it (idk when), I will send it to you 😉

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