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My Nutella Obsession | DIY Nutella Milkshake +Bonus !

Hi everyone ! 

So for this series,I wanted to kickstart the first post with something really yummy but still super Easy.

Recently I had been obsessed with milkshakes,more specifically Nutella Milkshakes So I thought ‘It’s perfect ! Why not make it at home ?’ 

And a few days ago I made it and I was amazed at how it turned out!

The milkshake literally took five minutes and was super yummy πŸ˜‹ ( I have made it thrice already ! ) and now I’m simply dying to share it with all of you so let’s get started ! 

You are going to need :

  • Two cups of milk 
  • One ( or two ) scoops of vanilla ice cream 
  • Nutella !! ( of course ) Two-Three Tablespoons 

Oh ! Did I  Forget to mention that it needs only Three ingredients?! How awesome is that ?! 

On to the Method:

  • Step 1 

Gather all of your ingredients 

  • Step 2

Put everything in the blender

  • Step 3 

Blend it all up and pour it into a glass 

And that’s it !! 

Enjoy 😊 

I think this milkshake is perfect for any person who loves Nutella or just chocolate 🍫in general.

 You can make it a Nutella hot chocolate too if you prefer to have warm drinks.Or if you just have a cold  and are forbidden to drink anything too cold.

*cough * Me *cough *

Anyway making a Nutella hot chocolate is super easy too !

 All you will need is :

  • One cup of milk
  • Cocoa powder/hot chocolate -one tablespoon 
  • Two tablespoons of … you guessed it …..Nutella !! 
  • A pinch of salt 

Method :

  • Take a saucepan and put all of the ingredients into it
  • Boil on medium heat and stir it occasionally until everything is completely dissolved and mixed together.
  • Pour it into a mug and if you want add in some marshmallows !

This is perfect for enjoying indoors with a blanket and a good book.And the milkshake is a perfect drink to cool you down, satisfy your sweet tooth and give in to your Nutella craving!

Both the Milkshake and the hot chocolate make about Two-Three glasses.

I hope you are enjoying this series so far ! Leave a comment down below if you would try this out and let me know how it turned out !! Don’t forget to send me the pictures at because I would LOVE to see them !! 

Ooh ! also let me know which ones you like more :

Milkshakes or A cup of hot Chocolate ? 

For me … It would probably be……..

Both !! πŸ˜„

Keep Dreaming

~The Stylish Dreamer


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