Three DIYS in Three Minutes | Collaboration with Shania and Farah 

Hi everyone! 

This post is a very special post for a number of reasons. 

  • I made my first ever YouTube video for this post
  • This is a collab with two of my friends:- Farah Edz and Shania Ahmad ! 
  • It’s a DIY post ! 

I collaborated with Farah and Shania and we decided to make videos for our post ! Don’t forget to check out their blogs and their posts.

So, you know when you really want to make a DIY but you are faced with two problems,You don’t have the supplies or it takes way too long.

So, I came up with three DIYs to make that are super easy,fun and make very pretty room decor ! And each DIY takes about three minutes!! 

Shania did a video on DIY perler bead charms and Farah did a video for a DIY coffee bar.Both if their videos are AMAZING so don’t forget to check them out.

Farah’s Video-

Shania’s Video-

My Video-​​

The first DIY that I made was a Dreamer Jar. I had always wanted something in my room to bring out my inner blogger and to use as room decor so I thought this was perfect! 

💡For the Dreamer Jar you will need :

  • A jar ( obviously)
  • 3 Cups or glasses ( I used Nutella Jars )
  • A kebab stick ( or something similar)
  • Three paint colours of your choice
  • Water
  • Cotton wool
  • Cardstock and a ribbon ( optional ) 
  • Glitter !! ( for the sparkle ) 


  • Mix each colour of paint with water in three separate jars
  • Then add in cotton wool to the bottom of the jar and pour in one colour of the paint water on top.
  • Add in glitter and more paint water and cotton 
  • Repeat the above steps using different colours of paint water and glitter

**Optional step**

  • Add in a label which has a motivational quote or just something that makes you happy, I wrote the word ‘Dreams’and punch a hole through the label.Using a ribbon tie it around your jar and then you are done !

      The second DIY that I made was an easy DIY whiteboard.

      💡For the whiteboard you will need :

      • A photoframe
      • Foam or patterned paper


      • Empty out your frame add your patterned paper and close the frame

        The third DIY that I made was a super simple jewellery holder

        💡For the jewellery holder you will need :

        • A pole or a stick 
        • Ribbon
        • A nail to hang up your holder


          • Measure your pole and cut the length of ribbon accordingly 
          • Tie a knot with the ribbon to each end of the pole
          • Hang it up and display your jewellery

          And that’s it ! Comment down below and let me know what you thought of my video and feel free to share some editing/videography tips because that would be lovely. 

            Also, let me know if you liked these DIYs and if you are going to try them out. I would love to know! 

            Keep dreaming!

            ~The Stylish Dreamer

            P.S -I am awfully sorry about the bad lighting/quality in my video. 


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