DIY Nutella Lip Balm! 

Hi everyone! 

Do you have chapped lips? Love chocolate? Ever wanted to test out the healing powers of chocolate in a different way? Want to be a little more creative? 

Then this is for you! 

I came up with an awesome DIY Nutella Lip Balm Recipe!

I also really miss doing posts on my series ‘My Nutella Obsession’ so I thought that I would also make a Throwback  Thursday post.

But,unfortunately it’s not Thursday. Yet.

Which is why this post is a tad bit later than usual. 

But anyway,it doesn’t really matter what day you are reading this because I’m combining two of my fave things together! Lip balm and Nutella! Let’s get started! 

  • A Container to store your lip balm ( I used an old lip balm container) 
  • Two Spoonfuls Petroleum Jelly
  • I Spoonful of Nutella 
  • Most importantly a Spoon 😂

  • Start off my melting your petroleum jelly in the microwave at thirty second intervals. 

  • After each interval, don’t forget to smush down your petroleum jelly with a spoon ( this process is surprisingly satisfying)  I had to repeat Step 1 for about 4-5 times,but I suppose it all really depends on your microwave 

  • Then add in your spoonful of Nutella and melt it in the microwave again! 

    • Once it is liquid,pour it into your container and refrigerate it for about five minutes.

    I just love this lip balm because :

    • It tastes like Nutella ( Unfortunately you can’t eat it though) 
    • It looks good
    • It’s lip balm! 
    • It’s a DIY and it’s super easy!

    • Remember to work fast because petroleum jelly turns to a solid very quickly. 
    • Unless you are making in bulk, don’t add in too much of the ingredients because although it looks little when it’s melted, there is quite a lot of it.

    I hope you try this out! Trust me,you will love it! Comment down below if you like lip balm and Nutella! ( because who doesn’t love Nutella ) and if you are going to give this lip balm a go! I’d love to know! ( that rhymed haha) 

    Keep Dreaming! 

    ~The Stylish Dreamer

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