Geek Girl By Holly Smale | Book Review

Hi everyone! 

So, I saw this lovely book called ‘Geek Girl:Head Over Heels’ a few weeks ago and of course,I wanted to read it and when I read it,I loved it so much that I thought I’d do a review on it! 

First of all the cover itself is Gorgeous! I know you should never judge a book by it’s cover but, I loved the look of it so much that I immediately wanted to read it. (I inserted it above,isn’t is stunning?) 

But of course,a book is meant to be read and not just to admire the cover and let me just tell you that this one did wonders! 

I hate book spoilers so I won’t give anything away but this book is full of fun twists and turns and loaded with awesome sauce. 

Harriet Manners is the heroine of the book.She is fifteen years old and she finally has her life put together.Or so she thinks….

Harriet is a full on geek and is proud to be one! 

She has a group of friends called team JINTH and she keeps planning many things but of course nothing ever goes her way….😂

I really love the fact that at the start of the book,a few facts are shared and the fact that many facts were shared throughout the book.It just made the book even much more fun and interesting to read. 

I feel like I can definitely relate to Harriet because both of us love to organize things and have lists of lists and lists for the lists. ( I’m not even kidding😂) 

I also love Harriet’s personality. She is one of those lovely book characters that you wish that you could meet someday..She is full of little quirks that I’m pretty sure all  of you can relate to. 

Unfortunately for me,this was not the first book in the Geek Girl series but as soon as I read the first chapter,I was immediately swept into the world of Harriet Manners. Which was Awesome because I hate missing out on anything especially in a good book! 

I laughed a lot as well when I was reading this especially at Harriet’s father’s letter to the burglars. I think that was probably one of  my favourite parts of the book. It wa really funny! 

Harriet was and is a model who is also a geek.I did a bit of research on Holly Smale and I found out that she was a model too but she didn’t like it just like Harriet! I think that is something really cool. 

This book is not only about embracing your true self and being who you want to be, it is about a journey of self discovery, friendship,family and courage. I loved it and I’m sure that you will too! It is definitely a must read for all teens and tweens! 

You are going to laugh,smile and maybe even cry,but I can definitely guarantee that you will love it! 

Also, Harriet Manners has now become one of my fictional role models. 🙂 

And now…for the Rating! 


Five out of Five hearts! The hearts stand for how much I loved the book. I know many people usually do stars but I figured that since I love almost every single book I read anyway,I might as well do this! 

I really really hope you enjoyed my first ever book review! Hopefully the first of many! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments down below! Have you read this book? If so,what did you think? 

Also,What do you think I should review next, ‘The Kite Runner’ or ‘The Star of Kazan’? I can’t wait to see what all of you think! 

Keep dreaming! 

~The Stylish Dreamer


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