The Countdown Begins! | Spread Smiles Contest | 3 Days left! + Extra Details! 

Hi everyone! 

So this post is super exciting because I’m having a countdown on my blog! I decided to change the dates as to when the contest ends and make it end on the Eighth instead of the fifth to give you all a bit more time to work on the writing aspect of things. 

I’m also starting a countdown because there are only three days left until my online store in Shania’s blogger mall opens! I will also definitely be doing a little update on that soon. 

I will be blogging on each day leading up to the Eighth and I couldn’t be more excited! I will be sharing a little story on positivity, a fun DIY and of course-The Results!

 The results will be revealed on the Ninth and I will be accompanied by my lovely sister and mom to judge the entire thing, and I thought that I might share a bit of how the process is going to work. 😃

First we will pick out the best stories/posts/poems ( which will be awfully hard because all of you are super talented 😉 ) and then put all of the names of the people who wrote them into a hat and the people who got bonus entries will get their names in the hat thrice! 

Then we will pick out three names and choose the best story/post/poem of the three and that person will win the Grand Prize and the runners up will receive free personalized wallpapers and get their writing featured on my blog! 

So get ready for three awesome days full of fun and positive vibes! 

If you haven’t already entered then don’t forget to check out my Massive Blog Update and enter! I’m very excited to read all of your lovely work and when you enter you have a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift card and much more! So go ahead! Have fun and #SpreadSmiles 😁


4 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins! | Spread Smiles Contest | 3 Days left! + Extra Details! 

    I don’t know how you’ll choose, but you’ll have your mum and sister to help! Hopefully, they are amazing judges! Can’t wait for the DIY!!! Yor tutorials are always awesome and super fun! I can’t wait for your story either – eek! This is all so awesome. I wonder who’ll win….*Stylishly Dreams*

    P.S Did you get my comment with the emojis and saying I’ve ‘done something nice’ and ‘smiled at 5 people’? Just checking!

    Liked by 1 person

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