Smiles>Sadness | A short story on Positivity + 2 Days left! 

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to Day 2! Can you believe that there are only two days left?! I certainly can’t. Time really does fly,doesn’t it? haha… anyway if you want to enter there is still quite a bit of time left so Go Ahead! 😉

Anyway today I thought that I might write a little story on positivity! I don’t think I have mentioned this before on my blog but I Love to write. It is one of my favorite things to do but unfortunately for the past few weeks,I haven’t been writing very much at all and to get myself back into the swing of things,I thought that I might write a short story to share on my blog! 

I’m actually awfully nervous to be posting this right now because as I mentioned earlier,I have never done anything like this before but hopefully you will like it anyway..? I do hope so! 

Here we go!


They all stared at her. The new girl. It wasn’t because she was new or anything.. oh no-It was just because they had decided to make her their new victim. 

I felt a pang of guilt. Not for being part of it or anything-I’m not that bad. But simply because I didn’t do anything to stop it or even warn her. The last time something like this had happened. I didn’t do anything to stop it. Nothing. Not a single word. I just watched them bully her,but not this time. This time I wouldn’t let it happen. I wouldn’t repeat my old mistake and I would stand up for what’s right.

At least that’s what I wrote in my diary on New Years Eve.The only thing that I could do now was simple. Right? that’s what I told myself anyway. It sounded a lot easier when I thought about it before.

I took a deep breath and marched over to her. And then I stared at her, suddenly at a loss for words. Surprisingly she merely raised an eyebrow and glared at me. 

The first thing that I thought of when that happened was Wow!  How did she do that? I had tried to raise only one eyebrow countless times,but I always failed miserably each time and ended up looking like a clown. I grinned at her. Maybe she could teach me how she learnt to do it! 

She stared at me then, startled. ” I’m Karla” I said in response to her silence. She nodded warily,”I know” 

“You do?” 

” Oh yes” 

“Wha-But how? I mean aren’t you new? the girls told me-” I said stumbling over the words in my hurry to find out what she meant. She laughed and it was a pleasant sound to hear after hearing only taunts and jeers for the past few weeks. 

” Aren’t you one of them?” she jerked her head towards my old ‘friends. “Being mean and stuff, I mean…why are you even talking to me?”

To say that I was startled after that would have been an understatement. I was shocked. 
” I’m not with them” I said flatly. ” They are just…” I struggled to find the right words to describe ‘them’.

 “How you know all this anyway?” I asked finally. 

She ignored me. “Prove it then” 


“If you aren’t a bully prove it.”

I suppose this might be the right time to explain what was going on. I had joined this school almost a year ago and in an attempt to ‘fit in’,I did many things that I’m not proud of. Like watching my ‘friends’ put other people down. They made them feel horrible about themselves and that in my opinion, is even worse than physical bullying because this affects you mentally and it hurts not your body but your heart. 

Those people could have been my friends but I just threw all my chances away because that is what I thought mattered. Supporting my other friends.

 But why support ‘friends’ who don’t do the same to you? ‘Friends’ who constantly put you down because they want to feel good about themselves. Those people aren’t your friends but they just pretend that they are. 

And I was going to put a stop to it. Because those people who were bullied are wonderful. They are kind, generous and caring and they deserve to feel good about themselves. They deserve to smile. Everyone deserves to smile and nobody has the right to take that away from them. Nobody. 

I finally had enough. I wasn’t going to let them get away with it anymore. I promptly turned around and then I tripped. It wasn’t very graceful and hardly the grand entrance to the battle that I was hoping for. Nevertheless I shrugged and walked towards them,They were laughing as usual-my face burned as I realized that they saw the whole thing and they were laughing at me. 

At that moment I realized something else.There is no light without darkness and there is no happiness without sadness.I learnt a major life lesson right there. Why should I be a negative force instead of a positive one? Why can’t stand up for myself? Why shouldn’t I stand up for myself? And as I was thinking that I realized the only thing that was stopping me was myself. That and fear. Fear of being bullied like the others. Fear of being hated and fear of fear itself. 

But fear can be confronted by hope and I had hope. I knew I wasn’t a bully and I had hope that I could stop ‘them’ from bullying others. 

They were coming towards me and I squared my shoulders and walked towards them with a grin. 

And the new girl watched the whole thing happen-smiling. 


And that’s it! It’s a bit longer than I expected but I hope that you enjoyed it. 

I decided to tackle one of the biggest things that make people lose their smiles-bullying and I want to tell every single one of you reading this, if you have been bullied or if you are going through bullying or even if you haven’t, always remember that you are strong and brave and that your smile can change the world. ( I know that sounds kind of cliché, but it is true!) 

So keep smiling and keep spreading smiles! #SpreadSmiles

Also please do let me know what you honestly thought about my story! I’d love to know! 

Do you write too? Are you interested in entering the contest or have you already entered? Are you as excited for the results as I am? Let me know in the comments! 


25 thoughts on “Smiles>Sadness | A short story on Positivity + 2 Days left! 

  1. What a positive short story and the inspiration to back it up. Many of us have been there where we are afraid to be bullied as well. There comes a time when we mature and do what is right. I’m so happy that you stood up to the bullies. Yes, keep smiling, spread positivity, and #spreadsmiles. ❤️​ (I’m glad you are practicing your creative side! Keep it up!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great! Thank you! You have to enter by smiling at over five people,doing something nice and writing something about positivity! I’m awfully sorry for my late reply but I’d still love to read your post on positivity 😊❤️😉

      Liked by 1 person

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