The Style Swap Challenge With Evelynn! | Style Inspiration + Fashion Tips!Β 

Hi everyone! 

Today I am collaborating with the very lovely Evelynn @ Our Little DIY Corner and we are going to be blogging about one of my favorite things! 

Fashion! ❀

So we did something that I like to call ‘The Style Swap Challenge’ and we just described our fashion sense/our style in five words and both of us had to put together three fab outfits for each other! 

Evelynn described her style as :

Boho,Chic,Flirty and Casual 

As soon as I read those words,I immediately started envisioning the perfect outfit and I got to work! I used the awesome website Polyvore to put together all three of the outfits and I had a blast putting them all together! 

Here is the first outfit that I put together! 

For this outfit,I decided to incorporate some really fun vibes but I still wanted to keep it cute,casual and chic so, I added the striped dress,some black leggings and I decided to top it all off with a hat!

 I think that the shoes,the bracelets and the choker really pull the outfit together and the gorgeous backpack just adds in a fun pop of colour! 

And this is what Evelynn thought of it! 

I love the stripes and the black and white! It’s a really cute outfit that looks stylish, but it dosesn’t look like you tried to hard to look amazing! My favorite must be the backpack or the chokers up there.

This is the second outfit :

I think the inspiration for this outfit definitely came from the shoes! They are sooo pretty! I love the colour and the laces and the wedges 😍😍 

I’m  Obsessed with it already 

 Anyway,because of the gorgeous shoes,I decided to keep the rest of the outfit casual but still very cute with some black leggings and the awesome ‘Girl Gang’ denim jacket! 

I am in love with that cute pineapple tee as well. Now no one can say that pineapples aren’t cool. 😎😍 

I wanted to add in a backpack with the lovely Pom-Pom key chains, the sunglasses and some lip gloss so that this outfit could be worn for a fun girls’ day out with your besties! I think it would be even more awesome if all of your besties had the same jacket too-It would look really awesome then! 

This is what Evelynn thought of it! 

 Alright, this must be my favorite. Can we just talk about Sasha’s Designing skill’s here?? The lipstick color is my life. It’s so so amazing and I would so buy it if I could wear lipstick. And the hat. The HAT!? It’s so adorable and I simply am just in L-O-V-E. But my favorite must be the jacket. I mean, come on. Look.

And this is the third (and final) outfit! 

Again,I was inspired by the shoes for this outfit. I don’t know what it is about the shoes but I am  definitely in love.Those combat boots are 😍😍😍 I have now words. The emoji said it all for me this time haha…

I’m definitely adding them to my list of ‘Shoes That I Simply Must Have Before I am Twenty Five’ I’m also really loving the pastel coloured hair trend and when I saw this hairstyle,I just had to add it into the outfit! 

I wanted to draw more attention to the boots and the stunning Instagram bag so I decided to go with a graphic tee and a distressed denim jacket with a matching skirt! I think it would look really good with some black leggings underneath the skirt as well but unfortunately I couldn’t add that in as there wasn’t any room. 

Here is what Evelynn said:

 AND SASHA DID IT AGAIN. I really adore the color she chose; the baby pinkish color is so pretty and girly. The bun looks awesome something that’s totally rad.Love the choker and the boots; they’re my faves.

Since Evelynn and I had so much fun doing this collab,we decided to add in a little bonus to our posts by sharing some awesome fashion tips! 

So here are my style tips! 

Don’t always feel restricted to wear the same things in the same way. Play around with patterns and colours! You never know…You might create that perfect outfit with clothes that you already have at home! πŸ™‚ 

If you want to follow trends but you want to incorporate your own style in to it,then this tip is for you! 

There are tons of ways that you can express your style while still being super trendy. For example-chokers. If your style is more pastel-ly or girly then you could wear a lace choker with a pastel dress and some cute boots! The options are endless! You could even layer up your necklaces with a choker to go with your inner hipster!

Find your style and then own it. Your style is a part of who you are and everyone has their own sense of style,some of them just haven’t found it yet! 

Finding your style is actually really easy and really fun. If you are more of a person who loves comfy clothes, then that is like your ‘vibe’ Casual and Comfy but still a little Chic. πŸ’—

Don’t forget to check out Evelynn’s post where she puts three outfits together for me! *Spoiler* Her outfits were amazing! She also has some AWESOME fashion tips to share as well! πŸ™‚

I really hope that you have found these tips helpful and that you enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun collaborating with Evelynn,so a shoutout to her for collaborating with me! 

Also,if you haven’t already,don’t forget to check out her blog! She and her sister Nathalia blog about all sorts of awesome things ( including DIYs!) and they make awesome posts! 

What did you think of this post? Are you following Evelynn yet? If not then, go follow her! How would you describe your style? I challenge all of you to describe your style in five words in the comments down below! Also,let me know what you thought of the style swap challenge and if you would give it a go with one of your friends! πŸ™‚

Oh,also! Thank you all so much for all of your amazing comments on the post last week! I had so much fun reading them and replying to them and it was really hard to only pick two of my favorite ones! All of you are amazing! 

But anyway, I finally managed to pick two and The comments of this week go to……❀

May! (First comment! Yay!)

and Mahriya!

Both of them are really amazing and super talented so you should definitely check out their blogs,if you haven’t already of course! 

Also, I’m sending lots of love and support to those affected in Manchester! If any of you who are reading this are affected or if you know anyone who was affected, please stay strong and take care! And always know that we are all here for you! #PrayforManchester

What happened was awful and I sincerely hope that you all take care of yourselves and stay strong! Keep smiling and spread peace and positivity. 

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to smile because you are awesome! And please take care!  πŸ˜Šβ€

38 thoughts on “The Style Swap Challenge With Evelynn! | Style Inspiration + Fashion Tips!Β 

  1. I LOVE THIS!! all three outfits are simply gorgeous! my favourite has to be the second outfit it is FAB and i would so get it. ahhh great post.
    5 words:
    girly, casual, simple, hipster, cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you so much!! I think the second one has got to be my favorite one as well,I’m so glad you like it! I really like the way you described your style as well,I think it sounds really fun! πŸ’—β­οΈπŸ¦„ Thank you for doing the challenge. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The outfits are AMAZING!!!!! And the last one!!! I LOVE the denim skirt and those boots!!! Aaahhh!!!❀❀❀
    I usually wear jeans and a shirt… What do you think I can do to make it more fun?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG thank you so much Sithara!! And yes,I fell in love with the skirt and the boots-I’m so so glad that you like them as well!! Polyvore seriously has the cutest stuff ever 😍
      Hmm….Accessorizing is an AWESOME way to give your outfit a really fun and unique touch. Because you are wearing a shirt,it’s possible to pull off almost any accessory because shirts are so versatile! Layered necklaces and chokers,ooh! And a cute pair of sunnies with a cardigan or a denim jacket would look really cute as well! Also shoes can really take an outfit to a whole new level. Especially boots and sandals! I hope I could help and Thank you so much for asking me!! ☺️
      This would actually make a really fun new series β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ’—

      Liked by 1 person

  3. AGHAGHAGHA YOU ARE SO GREAT WITH DESIGNING!!! Those clothes are SO. FREAKIN’. CUTE. And yay, I was a comment of the week! πŸ˜€ Yes, we really do need to #PrayForManchester. What happened was so so sad. ❀ ❀ And hmm, I'm following Evelynn's blog, but her post didn't show up in my Reader? *is angry* XD

    Okay honestly I'm sharing this with my friend because those outfits are SO CUTE and plus they are aesthetic and said friend will love them. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much!! That means a LOT!! ☺️☺️ especially because I really want to become a fashion designer and an author (because you have to dream big right?) so thank you!!
      and yes,what happened in Manchester was awful and very very sad! 😒 also I think Evelynn’s post came up a tad later than mine did so that’s probably why it didn’t show up? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„
      And thank you SO much for sharing it with your friend!! *squeals with happiness* I really hope your friend liked them! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—πŸ¦„

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  4. Omw, those outfits are AMAZING and look so. very. fun. You did a *great* job! I hadn’t ever looked at Evelynn’s blog- I will have to follow her ASAP! Your blogs are both very aesthetically pleasing. πŸ™‚

    Now, for your challenge… five words is tough. :p But I finally came up with:
    Geeky/Eccentric/Practical/Vintage/Biker. :p as you can see, I am all over the place. I’m very curious to see how you described your style, and can’t wait to read Evelynn’s post. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much Daisy!! And WOW!! Thank you so much for saying that my blog is aesthetically pleasing! That makes me so happy! 😊❀ Aesthetics are very important to me haha…and yesss! You simply must follow Evelynn! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„
      And your style sounds AMAZING!! I love how you used different words that still describe your style perfectly because now I have a great mental image of your style. πŸ’—And OMG,Vintage!! I love Vintage stuff too,I think they add something really unique and different to every outfit! And Evelynn did a awesome job! I really hope that you enjoy her post as well and that you have a great week! Xoxo
      P.S-I’m so so sorry for late reply,my wifi was really laggy and slow so I couldn’t do anything ☹️

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OHMYGOODNESS. GIRL. This post is so good – I loved the premise of it to begin with, but the actual outfits you picked were great too. The second one is definitely my favourite – the shoes! – but the hair in the third outfit is cute af too!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Thank you so much!! Your comment literally made my day and I’m SO glad that you like the outfits! ❀ And yess!! Those shoes *squeals* 😍😍 I am just in love with them! πŸ˜‹ and I really love the hair as well and I’m really glad that you do too! I honestly just wish I could dye my hair that colour though haha…😍😍 xoxo
      P.S-I really love your blog posts! They are all so good!! ❀


  6. LOVE THIS! I already follow Evellyn and her blog is #goals! I’m not too much of a fashion-ist person though I love simplistic POWERFUL things that have some sparkle and excitement added to them? Black shoes witha glimmer of gold. A navy blue cardigan with a splash of colour. Things like that. 5 words?

    Simple, powerful, pretty, classy, impactful.

    The style swap challenge IS SO AWESOME THE BEST!

    YAY, I got put up on the best comments THANK YOu and ANND D MAYYY Is so awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss! Her blog really is #goals! I love it! And OMG I love the way you described your style-Simple,Powerful and classy. 😍 and sparkle and excitement is a a DEFINITE must!! I completely agree with you and I really love your style too,I think it’s really fun and unique!
      Also thank you so much for your lovely comment and I’m so so happy that you like the challenge! And you definitely deserved to be on the comments of the week-so thank YOU actually for your amazing comments! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜β€πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦„

      Liked by 1 person

  7. This challenge is SO amazingg!! I love all the styles- and oh my gosh that embroidered patch backpack and the pompom hat- so gorgeous and adorable!! I am in love with it all ❀ ❀ πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much Tabi! And I know right?! 😍 As soon as I saw the backpack and the hat I fell in love with them as well haha…😊😍 Your comment made my day ❀ I’m so glad that you love everything! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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