Sasha Chats! | Positive Vibes Only,New Blog Schedule & 380 Followers!? 

Hi everyone! 

Today I decided to do something a tad bit different…I decided to write (or type) up a little chatty post!! I just have a lot to say today and it’s a simply gorgeous day (That rhymed! It wasn’t even on purpose! This day just keeps getting better and better haha…

Anyway…I have been told that I talk quite a bit (okay,a lot! Unfortunately) so I decided to use my talking skills (is that even a thing?)  to my advantage and make it a new series! I’m calling it…

Sasha Chats! 

It’s not exactly the best name I could come up with,but it’ll do for now! I’m still trying to come up with a better name so if you have any ideas then please leave a comment down below and let me know! 

Anyway, ‘Sasha Chats’ is sort of going to be like a new feature on my blog where I just chat about fun stuff and talk about anything and everything! ❤

For this blog post, I’m going to be updating you all on some really really fun things and I honestly couldn’t be more excited!! I’m literally squealing right now! 

Alright,so the first thing that I wanted to address (ooh so formal) is my posting schedule. I’m pretty sure that all of you must have noticed that over the past few weeks, my posting schedule has been a very…odd and I’ve barely blogged. 😭😭 (which is awful!)

But that’s going to stop. (I had been kind of busy for the past few weeks I didn’t really have time to plan this out completely but now I’m free,so I came up with a new schedule!)

From now on I’m going to be (hopefully! 😉)  posting regularly every single Sunday (excluding tags and awards which will be posted on other days) anddd…I’m planning on reintroducing my special days and series! Yay! 

So if any of you haven’t read my first post, then I think I should probably explain to you all what my special days are. 

So this is how it goes! Twice a month I will post on a specific day, and that day will have a label like my Motivational Mondays! 

Here is a little list (I love lists!) of the special days:

  • Motivational Mondays 

This is when I would want to post some inspirational and motivational posts to help you get pumped up for the week,and hopefully make your Mondays a bit better!

  • Talent Tuesdays 

When I collab with people or do interviews and other fun stuff like that, it will hopefully be posted on this day! 

  • Wacky Wednesdays

This day is when I’m going to sort of start experimenting more and doing all sorts of other fun things a little outside my comfort zone. 

    • Style Saturday 

    I’m going to be posting most of my style posts on Sundays! So from now on it’s going to be Style Sunday! 

    Because I’m having these special days and I’m planning to have a lot of cool series and challenges, my schedule won’t be limited and it won’t be strict so I’ll be able to have a bit of freedom as well! 

    The next thing I wanted to chat about, is My New Blog! So if any of you missed out on my MASSIVE Blog Update,then I’ll just fill you in on the details! 

    I started a new blog called’Positive Vibes Only’ because I wanted to dedicate a blog solely for positivity and I sort of wanted it to be a ‘happy place’ on the internet! I also wanted to make it a group blog so that I wouldn’t be the only one posting on it and because then it’ll be more fun and interactive! 

    Well, the blog is now open to all! I actually wanted to start the ‘joining process’ after the contest but I ran out of time,so I decided to have it now! So if any of you want to join, (please do!) then please comment down below and let me know! It won’t be as time consuming as having your own blog-because it will be a group thing, but it’ll still be a really fun way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world! ☺️

    Here is a little list of the bloggers who volunteered to sign up before : 

    (If any of you can’t join anymore for any reason at all, then please let me know by emailing me or commenting down below!) 

    Also! When you join you will also get a little ‘Positive Vibes Only’ badge to display on your blog, to show that you are part of this blog as well! 

    I think we are all going to have a blast! The actual blogging will (hopefully) begin in August (once more bloggers join?)

     Ooh, and speaking of August, my first bloggerversary is coming up!! I’m thinking about having a huge blog party to celebrate, but if you have any other ideas then let me know-I’d love to hear them! 


    OMG Everyone!! We reached 380 followers!! I’m still in shock right now because it feels sooo crazy and unbelievable!!!  Thank you all so so so much for following my blog and for all of your amazing support and encouragement (and for your lovely comments as well! 😉) It really means a lot to me!! *gives you all a big hug* *does happy dance* *gives you all another hug* 

     Thank you all so so much!! ☺️

     I’m thinking about merging my bloggerversary celebrations with this one and having the huge blog party to celebrate this as well.. but I’m not really very sure yet…What do you all think? 

    I have a few more things that I have to talk about! 

    First of all a MASSIVE thank you and hug (and a million jars of Nutella) to the lovely Kate for making my new profile picture for me! She’s honestly one of THE most talented people I know, and her art (and her blog) is simply gorgeous!! 😍😍 Thank you so so much Kate! You are the best! 

    I actually found out about her through the amazing Mahriya because Kate drew her profile picture as well, and I loved Mahriya’s so I contacted Kate and she very kindly made a personalized one for me! So thank you Mahriya!! 

    Oh and I have some more very exciting news!! Mahriya and I will be writing a novel together in a few weeks!! Ahhhhhhh I’m so so so excited!! I honestly can’t wait to get started! Mahriya is an awesome writer (and blogger) and an amazing friend and so I’m really lucky (and glad!) to be writing with her! I’ll definitely try to keep all of you posted on how it goes! 😉

    On the topic of friends,the super funny, talented and just overall awesome May is hosting a contest called The Scribbler’s Challenge and it’s a fun group contest all about writing!! I don’t think I could be more excited right now haha… you can check out the details and join the contest by clicking here! (You should definitely join!😉) 

    Mahriya actually also had an amazing contest called-The Typewriter Project and I had a blast!! It was sort of like a creative and fun writing camp,and I made some AMAZING friends when I participated,so shoutout to her for hosting such an awesome contest and for all of the planning,effort and hard work that must have gone in to it. *cheers for Mahriya*

    And lastly (but definitely not least!) thank you to all of you for being lovely and amazing! Always remember to keep smiling! (And dreaming of course!)

    What do you think about ‘Sasha Chats’?, Do have any suggestions for a new name-if so then please comment it down below! 😊 Are you planning on joining ‘Positive Vibes Only’ and May’s contest? (Please do! I’d love it if you could and I’m sure May would be ecstatic if you joined her contest as well!),Do you love my new profile picture as much as I do? (I think that would be impossible because I love it way too much!! 😍) Oh and are you as excited for the special days as I am? Let me know in the comments down below! 

    P.S-The comments of the week will be featured in my next post because this post had already become extremely long so I didn’t want to make even longer! I’m really sorry about that! 😢


      35 thoughts on “Sasha Chats! | Positive Vibes Only,New Blog Schedule & 380 Followers!? 

        1. Aww thank you so so much!! I’ll definitely check put your blog and try to give you a shoutout! I don’t consider myself as a popular blogger, thank you though! My fave blogging tip is to interact with the blogosphere and the community. Oh and to blog because you genuinely love blogging and to blog about what you love. 😊❤️ Hope I could help!


      1. Okay, if I hadn’t read your blogoversary post I wouldn’t have known about this. I would definitely check out your new blog! It sounds so awesome 😁
        And ohmigosh, Sashaaa I am completely flattened (nope that’s not an autocorrect mistake XD) Thank you so much! I’m totally drowning from all your compliments 😄
        Okay, I’m gonna get back to binging on your latest blog posts now mehehe


      2. Congrats on 380 followers!!!!!! I love the idea of Sasha chats (name suggestion-ish thing… Go for something which starts with s too (because alliteration) like I dunno sasha speaks maybe? Not so good I know). I love the special days too! And the new blog definitely sounds cool! I think I’ll join?
        Ah the typewriter project WAS amazing and I can’t wait for the Scribblers Challenge!!
        Blogoversary?? (OMG CONGRATS!!!!!!) Huge blog party??? *becomes starry eyed with flashes of books and writing floating past* #weird… And ooh profile picture!😍 Definitely in love with it.. (I want one!!😳😅😭) Anyway, definitely excited for everything on your blog, keep being amazing Sasha!!❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much Sithara!! *hugs* and thank you so much for that idea!! I love it-I cam up with another name but I’m not sure… how does ‘Chocolate N Chats’ sound?? 😄 and OMG it would be so so so awesome if you could join the new blog!! It’ll be so much fun to blog together!!
          I really hope that you join!!
          And yes-the typewriter project really was amazing and I can’t wait for the Scribbler’s challenge either-it sounds sooo good!!
          Thank you so much!! And yessss *becomes starry eyed with you* you aren’t alone my friend..😂 I’m #weird too..
          and yay!! I’m so glad that you like my profile picture!! Kate is honestly one of the most talented people on the planet! 😍😍 You should definitely ask her for one (She is super nice too! ☺️) thank you so much for all of your support and just awesomeness in general!!! I’m honestly so lucky to have such an amazing friend! 😊❤ xx


        1. *squeals with you* thank you so much!! Kate is so talented!! 😍😍😍 and I’m so glad that you like the name! I’m definitely keeping it now haha..I’m really excited to share my new blog too-I really hope that you will like it!! 😊❤🎉

          Liked by 1 person

      3. I would love to join your new blog!! If that’s okay feel free to go to my blog and find my social media accounts to contact me their (respond mostly to those) but email (on blog) is also ok too good luck

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s awesome-Thank you so much Brianna!! And of course it’s okay! I just checked out your blog but unfortunately the link from your account doesn’t seem to be working…? If you have another link,If you don’t mind, could you please send it to me? 😊❤ thank you so much again-I’m really excited to get started now!! ☺️🎉


          1. Okay I am on awful wifi so I cannot see if this link was different them before but hopefully this one will work https:// I am so excited as well 🙂

            Liked by 1 person


        The posting schedule SOUNDS SUPER FUN and I might take some inspiration from it for my new blog’s schedule! I’m glad you’re going to be posting more, but make sure you’re still enjoying blogging and don’t let it stress you out!

        Now that my summer holidays are nearly here, I’D LOVE YOU TO JOIN your new blog, only if you want of course. it sounds super fun BUT I don’t know if I can keep up the positivity? GAH, it sounds awesome though. Obviously, not extremely hungry for that button. XD

        300+ FOLLOWERS? WHAT EVEN? I’m kinda so proud of you because I remember when I was here and you were at 100 and YOUR BLOG HAS GROWN SO MUCH!!! *hands out Marshmallows* I definitely think you should have a blog party and merge your blogiversary and followers into one. THAT WOULD BE SO EXCITING.

        I feel like there’s so much appreciation for me in this post? GAH WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT ME SMILING? I’m glad Kate designed your profile picture, I LOVE IT. She’s honestly so awesome. i can’t wait to start the book together, it’s going to be fantabulous.! I should be ready bu July 20th and we can start then? I’m SO SO SO SO glad you enjoyed tHe Typewriter Project, it was such a blast!

        I signed up for May’s challenge AND I’M GOING TO DIE AT HOW AWESOME IT IS GAH. SASHA CHATS are officially awesome! For some reason, it reminds me of the word ‘sachets?’ I suck at names so I HAVE NO IDEA. Also (I love how much brackets/parenthesis are in this post)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. OMG WOW!!! What an AMAZING Comment!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Mahriya!! You are the best!!
          I’m so so glad that you like my new posting schedule!! ( Your new blog sounds soooo fun!! I honestly CANNOT wait to hear more about it!! And it would honestly be such an honor if you took inspiration from me,thank you so much!!) and thank you for being so supportive and sweet, I’m definitely going to try my best to enjoy blogging-you are so right! ☺️❤
          And YAY!! It would be AMAZING if you could join my new blog (and Hurrah for holidays too!!😍😍) and you are a really lovely, supportive and awesomely fun and positive person so I’m sure that being positive won’t be a problem for you because you just have to be yourself! 😉😍 ooh and all of the posts don’t necessarily have to be about positivity, it’s just sort of like a little happy place-so you can just blog about what ever makes you happy and what you enjoy doing! 😊
          And OMG YES!! It honestly feels so unbelievable,sometimes I just feel like pinching myself to make sure that I’m not still dreaming…☺️😂 and you are SO SO SWEET and such an amazing friend-thank you so much for being there for me for so long! 😍😊❤*takes marshmallows happily* *opens bar of white chocolate* Let the Blog party begin!! I’m so so excited-thank you so much for your suggestion,I’m definitely going to do that! ☺️❤
          And of course there would be appreciation for you-You are AWESOME!! *smiles with you* I’m so glad that you are smiling! And OMG Kate is sooo talented!! And she is so lovely too!! 😊😍 she really is amazing! And I can’t wait to get started on our book as well-Ahhh I’m literally having a little countdown in my head to the 20th now!! I’m SO SO Excited!! I’m literally squealing with excitement right now!☺️ and yes!! The Typewriter Project was EPIC! I loved every moment of it and I feel terrible about not being able to submit in my last piece-I’m so so sorry!!
          YESS!! It really sounds amazing!! I think I might die with you 😍😍 SO many things to look forward to now! 😊and I’m so glad you love the idea!! (I actually never thought of it that way…hmmm…you are so right! It really does! 😂❤) I’m not going to stop saying it now..satchets…satchets…it’s such a fun word, isn’t it? And thank you so much again!! (I love using brackets!! I’m so glad you like it too!!)
          You are probably one of THE best commenters ever-your comments never fail to make me smile!! Thank you!! *hugs* ☺️💗🎉

          Liked by 1 person

      5. I love the idea of Sash Chats! I can’t think of a better name right now, but I’ll tell you if I come up with one!
        I joined May’s contest and might join your Postitive Vibes as well! I really like how positive you are in all of your blog posts:)
        380 followers? That a big deal, girl! I am following, but using Blogger, so I don’t know if you can see that.
        Have a wonderful day!

        ~ Pip

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aw thank you so much Pip!! You are seriously the best! And yay for joining May’s contest!! I hope that we end up on the same team again-I had a blast last time! 😉😊 ooh and I really hope that you do join-it would be AWESOME to have on board!! And yes-omg it really is!! I’m still in shock actually haha…thank you so so much for your lovely comment and for following my blog! I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts! 😊❤
          I hope that you have a lovely day as well! Xx

          Liked by 1 person

      6. Great post!! Can’t wait for more of this series! And I love the name!! I actually started a series on my blog that’s so similar to this and it’s called ‘tea talk’ haha!!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. YOUR PROFILE PIC IS SO FREAKING CUTE OMG. I know Kate from Mahriya as well, and I might have to ask her for a profile pic! (Question that you don’t have to answer if you can’t/don’t want to: Do you know Mahriya irl?) And woo hoo for new blogging schedule and also special days! That sounds super exciting. 🙂 And oh, congrats on a new blog! I’ll follow for sure. I’d join, but August is when Scribbler AND school starts, so I’ll be a BIT busy. XD On Scribbler, thank you so much for linking to my post! That means a lot to me and I really would be ecstatic if more people joined. XD ❤ I loved this post!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. OMG thank you so so much May!! I’m so glad that you love it as much as I do! Kate is seriously the best! And yes-I’d be really cool is she did your profile picture as well! And as for your question.. unfortunately I don’t know Mahriya in real life, but she’s one of my closet friends online! And I’d definitely love to meet her someday! ☺️ what about you? ( you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, of course!)
          And thank you so much for your support and encouragement!! It honestly means the world to me! ☺️❤ and I’m really excited for the special days as well! Oh as for the new blog-it’s okay! You can still join after August, if you want to of course! 😊 and Scribbler AHHH I’m so so excited!!! 🤗🤗 and no problem on linking back to your post!! It was honestly my pleasure! I’m sure TONS of people are going to join so don’t worry! It’s an AMAZING idea and I loved filling out the form. 😍❤😊

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You are so welcome, Sasha! It is gorgeous. 😍 Haha, I don’t know Mahriya irl (I WISH I could live in London), but like you, she’s one of my closest blogging friends and I’d definitely want to meet her. ❤

            Ooh, I'll probably join after Scribbler's over! I might have to see how well I'm doing with school tho. 😂 AGH YOU'RE SO SWEET SASHA <333

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Same!! London sounds amazing!! 😍😍and yes-it would be lovely to meet Mahriya (and You of course! ☺️) and thank you so much-that would be amazing! And I’m sure you’ll do great at school-you are really smart! 😉☺️👍🏻
            And thank you!! YOU are so sweet!! ☺️❤ *hugs*

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Haha…no unfortunately…😂😉 and I do learn British English so maybe that’s why…? I don’t know…😂
            As for me knowing how smart you are-I remembered that in one of your posts, you mentioned getting 100% on almost all of your tests so that’s how I know..? Anyway,every Single person is brilliant and smart in their own way (and in many different fields!) …so in that way every body is a genius! 😂☺️❤
            And nooo you are SO Much sweeter than me!! ❤😊😍 *gives May a bag of dried mangoes* that’s for being so sweet and awesome!!

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Ohh, that’s cool! Do you live in Canada? Or Australia? Or… omg so many places speak British English. 😂

            Oh yeah… that. 😂 I MEAN I DON’T MEAN TO MAKE ANYONE FEEL BAD BUT #statingthefacts??? But oh yes, even people with “bad grades” are smart in their own way! ❤


            Liked by 1 person

          5. Yes! There really are!! And no haha…I don’t live in those countries…they do sound lovely though!! 😍
            And yes-they definitely are!!
            And OF COURSE!! You deserve all of the dried mangoes ☺️ and thank YOU so much for being so lovely all the time ❤🦄

            Liked by 1 person

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