I’m FREAKING Out! | The Mid-Year Freak Out Tag!!

Hi everyone!

So recently, the lovely Sarah nominated me for an EPIC tag-The Mid-year Freak Out Tag! As soon as I saw the title, I knew it was perfect for me because I am internally freaking out! I mean…the year HAS flown by really quickly! 😂

Also, I know that I don't usually do tags as my 'post of the week' but I've got something very special planned for next month and this is a really fun tag so I decided to do it today!

I know I'm a tad bit late to the party.. but…it's always better late than never, right?

Side Note-unfortunately I'm not going to elaborate on the books very much because there are quite a lot of questions and if I fangirl over every book (which I probably will 😂) then this post would probably take about a month to write 😂 I hope that's alright with you all!

Anyway, Let the questions begin!

  • What's the best book you have read so far in 2017?

The BEST book? Well, that's quite a hard question so I'll just include a few of my favourites, because I simply cannot choose between them! 😍

*goes to Goodreads*


*forces self to pick only two*

*ends up picking four*

  • What's Your favourite sequel yet?

Hmmm this is quite a tough one too..But I think I'm going to go with…Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor! I loved every minute of it! 😍

  • What's a new release you haven't read yet but you really want to?

  • Most anticipated release for the second half of the year?

  • What was Your biggest disappointment?

I've got to say…I'm kind of stumped for this one's answer because thankfully all of the books that I've read this year have been great!! So…No disappointments! ☺️😁

  • Biggest surprise of the year?

I know I've already mentioned this book, but it truly was amazing! It really made me think and appreciate everything around me so much more!

  • Favourite new to you or debut author?

Definitely James Dashner! Oh and Tamora Pierce! 😍😍

  • Who's your new favorite character?

Okay, this is really really hard because I have so many so I'll just give you my top five!

  • Hassan from The Kite Runner (It's impossible to not like Hassan)
  • 'The Rat' from Unhooking the moon (She's adorable!!)
  • Samirah Al Abbas from Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor #GirlPower all the way!
  • Ilsa Hermann from The Book Thief (I loved how generous she was. Especially with her books!)
  • Thom from Alanna:The first adventure. (I believe he was just simply misunderstood!)
  • What's a book that made you cry?

  • What's a book that made you happy?

  • What's Your favourite book movie adaptation that you've seen this year?

I actually haven't watched any book-movie adaptations this year…so I don't really know?? One of my all time fave books, Wonder is being made into a movie and the trailer looks pretty good so maybe I'll watch that? πŸ™‚

  • What's your favourite book blog post you have published this year?

My review on The Kite Runner! I don't know if I did it justice, but I know that I definitely worked really hard on it! 😍☺️❤ You can check it out here!

  • What's the most beautiful book you have bought/received this year?

This is definitely a really tough question for me, because I received quite a few gorgeous books this year. (mostly from my Mum! So Thanks Mum!! ❤) but I think I'll have to go with…
The Mother-Daughter Book Club Collection! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the covers of all of the books!! They are all really unique and fun and just…Beautiful! 😍

  • And lastly, What are some books that you need to read by the end of the year?

Please prepare for a long list haha…

  • The Six of Crows
  • Perfect
  • The Trials of Apollo:The dark prophecy
  • Magnus Chase and the ship of the dead
  • Ink and bone
  • Strange the dreamer
  • A storm of Strawberries
  • The Girl of Ink and Stars

And many many more but those are on the top of my list! 😉😊

And as for the nominations…I'm nominating all of the bloggers who want to do this! I'm not nominating a list of specific bloggers to do this,because I am a bit late in doing this and because I want to know your answers to these questions!

So please answer your fave questions the comments down below (or on your blog) even if you aren't planning on doing this-because I'd love to read your answers!! ☺️

Thank you so so much again to the amazing Sarah for nominating me!! You must definitely check out her lovely blog if you haven't already! She's an awesome blogger and it's always a pleasure to read her posts!

And now for the Comments of the week….


and Smiling Dreamer!

Thank you all for your AMAZING comments!! It's truly a pleasure to read 'em! 😍☺️❤
Also, I'm so sorry that I've not been very active in the blogosphere lately 😭😢 I've been a bit busy with school, and like I mentioned before I've been planning something very very special so that's been taking up quite a bit of time as well! Stay tuned for more loveliness! 😉😊

Oh, and I'm finally going to be properly back in the blogosphere this week and I couldn't be more happy (and excited to read everyone's posts!!)

Thank you so much for reading! What did you think of this tag? Are freaking out like I am?? Time really flies doesn't it? 😱❤ Have you read any of these books before and if you have, what did you think of them? Are you as excited as I am to read more books this year? (And for my special announcement! Of course!) Oh and don't forget to answer your favorite questions in the comments down below! And if you have already done this tag, then leave a link down below too!☺️

P.S- The pictures of the book covers and the books do NOT belong to me. They belong to their original owners.


7 thoughts on “I’m FREAKING Out! | The Mid-Year Freak Out Tag!!

  1. Oooh your top 4 books!!!❀❀❀❀ You know I love The Kite Runner and the Maze Runner series too.. I’ve bought The Book Thief but haven’t read it yet… And Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed! I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it! I LOVE Cecelia Ahern! Have you read more of her books? Which is your favorite?


  2. I honestly didn’t think The Girl Of Ink & Stars was good. It was so MEH and very poor quality BUT THAT IS MY OPINION. It’s like 10% enjoyable? Yes to Six Of Crows, Ink and Bone, Strange The Dreamer! Geek Girl and TKR are amazing!


  3. WOO HOO FOR COMMENT OF THE WEEK AGAIN! πŸ˜› Anyways, great post! AGH I need to read The Dark Prophecy as well — I’m so glad you love Uncle Rick’s books! YASSSS have you read The Mother-Daughter Book Club series yet? That used to be one of my favs haha! YES YES YES definitely read Six of Crows, Ink and Bone, and Strange the Dreamer! You will LOVE them, I promise.


  4. YAY – I got picked to be in the “Comments Of The Week” πŸŽ‰πŸ˜*cheers*

    Oh My God Yesss – I can’t believe we’re almost August! I mean, where did 2017 go? It feels as if we were just talking about New Year Resolutions not so long ago! So, I agree, time does fly like the wind & I’m currently freaking out! #facepalm πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    This is such a fun post to read & your answers are wonderful! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ I SO relate – The Mother Daughter Book Club series is very sweet! One of my fav series EVER! 😍😍 Flawed has been on my TBR for ages & I seriously want to read it soon! It looks like you highly recommend it, so I’ll make sure to! πŸ“–

    What IS your special project? #curious I hate waiting…it’s like torture! But I’m definitely excited for it, because whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be awesome! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

    Anyway, try not to freak out! I know 2017 is being zapped by time-thieves, but it’s going to be fine if you’re productive! 😎

    LOVED your post (as usual)! ❀️❀️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This year eat went by way too fast. Usually I feel like spring is slow, but this year it was gown before I could blink. This is such a cool tag! Maybe I’ll do it. I am definitely freaking out. πŸ˜‰

    ~ Pip


  6. OMG your blog is amaazing! Im ususally a silent reader (like I dont eveer comment except…) but I have to say your choices of books are sooo similar to mine!! I looved The Book Thief it made me cry soo much and The Kite Runner!! It. Was. Amazing. The best books I’ve read so far! Aand I have to read The Six of Crows too. Never hears of the motger-daughter book series but looks so very intriguing!! *awaiting the so-special-announcement overly-excited* ❀❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow!! Thank you so so much!! That means a lot to me!! And I’m so so glad that we have similar taste when it comes to books!! 😍😍 The Book Thief made me cry buckets too!! And So did The Kite Runner!! AHH I’m just SO HAPPY that you love them as much as I do!! I hope that both of us get to rad The Six of Crows soon. (I’ve read a TON of amazing reviews on it!) ooh and The Mother Daughter a Book Club series is AMAZING is well!! I’m almost done with binge-reading the series and I love it haha…I’d definitely recommend it!! Thank you so so much for your AMAZING comment!! ☺️❀

      Liked by 1 person

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