9 Fab Days of STYLE!! | OOTDs and Inspiration! | Part TwoΒ 

Hi everyone! 

I really hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s outfits (in part 1) because I have a couple more to share with you today! I designed all of the outfits based on (mostly)my style and I tried to incorporate as many of my favorite fashion pieces as much as possible! Oh, and I tried to make sure that all the shoes were fab as well! πŸ˜β€πŸ˜‰

Let’s continue, shall we? (That sounds weird, sorry about that!) but anyway, I can’t wait to show what I’ve put together today!! I really really really hope that you love ’em as much as I do!! 

Outfit #5

Alright,so I really wanted the colours in this outfit to be a little neutral and not too bright or colourful, because I wanted this outfit to be like another ‘Chill Day with Friends and Family’ outfit!So, I decided to pair a comfy looking tee with a chevron print skirt and some back boots (with gold zips!). Oh and a backpack and some lip gloss! I think adding in a black leather jacket would make the outfit look even cooler and definitely more dressy, so that would be a really fun addition as well! 

Outfit #6

As I was styling these outfits, I realized that most of them were casual so I decided to shake things up a little (as said on the phone case πŸ˜‰)  and try out a different way of wearing a striped shirt and a denim vest-jacket thing! (I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out but I want to know what you all think, so please let me know in the comments down below. ☺️) 

Anyway, I decided to accessorize my outfit with a bucket bag, an emoji bracket (how gorgeous is that?? 😍😍), sone sunnies and of course, fab shoes!! πŸ‘  

Outfit #7

This is probably one of the most exciting outfits that I’ve ever put together! I wanted to design an outfit for a character that I made up, so I decided to just go for it! And here it is! The character is sort of a very bookish girl but also really strong and very powerful and adventurous!  (Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with a name for her yet haha, any ideas?)  The dress actually inspired me to sort of piece the outfit together and I’m quite surprised with how it turned out! It was bit more dark than I expected it to be, so I added in a flower crown to even things out and I think my character is definitely good to go now! 

Outfit #8

Since the last outfit was a bit dark, I wanted to make this one the complete opposite, and by opposite I mean-Pastels!! I was just casually browsing through Polyvore and I happened to love all of these accessories, (and the shoes!!) separately so after that, it was just a matter of putting everything together- and oohing and aahing over the pure loveliness that are the colours! I am simply in love with the jewellery as well, I wanted it to be quite delicate but still simple and pretty, and I think the crescent moons and stars were just perfect! 

Outfit #9

I saved my most unique outfit for the last one! As I said before, it was always a special accessory or piece of clothing that inspired me to put the outfit together and for this outfit, it was most definitely the skirt! I feel like it would be the perfect outfit to explore a new place in! The pattern on the skirt looked really exciting and unique so I wanted that to be the main part of the outfit and I found a white shirt that went with it perfectly! I couldn’t resist adding some pink sunnies (because sometimes, you just have to see the world in your rose-coloured glasses,right?)  and a fun bracelet! 😍❀

Wow!! That was fun!! I honestly had a blast putting these outfits together but now, I’m curious. Out of all of the nine outfits, which ones were your favorites? I really really hope that you enjoyed reading this post and I hope that you have a great day/night! Thank you so much for reading and for all of your lovely comments and support-it really means the world to me. ☺️❀I can’t wait to reply to them, now that it’s the weekend, and I’m free!! 😊❀


10 thoughts on “9 Fab Days of STYLE!! | OOTDs and Inspiration! | Part TwoΒ 

  1. Outfit 7 IS SOOOO PRETTY. WOWOWOW. I would definitely NOT wear because I would never be able to pull it off BUT LOOOVE it ❀

    Love outift 5, I can see myself wearing it! Outfit 8 and 9 aren't really my style so I don't knoow.


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