❤️ A Tribute to My MUM!! + Why Mums NEED To Be Appreciated More!

Hi everyone!!

Today’s post is going to be something a tad bit different…because today is my mum’s birthday (yay!) so I thought that I might pay a tribute to her in this post! Of course, I never will be able to fully appreciate all that she has done for me, but I’m definitely going to try my best. Last year, I wasn’t able to do that, (unfortunately!) so I’m going to make the most out of this year!

My mum has been such an inspiration and support to me, all throughout my life-but I think I began to notice it more when I started to blog. She would always be the first one to tell me that she enjoyed reading my post and give me a hug. And whenever I had a spot of trouble with anything at all, she was the first to help me out and not just with my blog but with everything in life,school,friends and everything in between! Oh and not to mention the fact that she knows exactly how to deal with any situation and is also super kind! 😍😍

Mothers are honestly so so important to all of us and I think each and every single mum is extra special in her own way. But the sad thing is, us kids and teens don’t always fully appreciate them and what they do for us, which is really awful when you think about it, because they do everything to make us happy. They sacrifice everything-from time to food to friends-for us! And we don’t even notice sometimes. 

I’ve finally realized this and I want to tell my mum today (and to mums all around the world) that I appreciate her and I love her for everything she has done for me. Just simply being her daughter is special and I’m incredibly blessed and lucky to have her as my mum. 💗

I think mums should be celebrated everyday and not just on their birthdays or on Mother’s Day so..go and give your mums a gigantic hug and let them know that you appreciate them!! Trust me, you will make their day. 

They are precious so make the most of every moment! And not just mums, even dads and grandparents and relatives! all of them are also equally important so show ‘em some love too!

Appreciation is Always Appreciated [The Stylish Dreamer]

I know this was quite a short post but I hope that you enjoyed it anyway! Don’t forget to give your loved ones a hug and let them know you appreciate them! 

Comment down below two-five things that you love about your mum (or dad or any other loved one really!). I’d LOVE to read them!!

P.S- HAPPY Birthday MUM!! ❤️😊


11 thoughts on “❤️ A Tribute to My MUM!! + Why Mums NEED To Be Appreciated More!

  1. AWWWW – this is so SWEET to read! I LOVE my Mum so so so so so much – she’s simply amazing! ❤️❤️❤️ Yesss definitely – I like what you said about how “Appreciation is always appreciated”….Very Well-Said! Great Post – as usual! 😊❤️😊❤️

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  2. Happy birthday to your MUm! She sounds amazing and I wish her a good day. THough I wouldn’t want my mum to read my blog BECAUSE THAT IS SO SCARY OMG.I loved how positive and amazing this post is. Mothers should be appreciated everyday and I appreciated this post.

    “Appreciation will always be appreciated” I WANT THIS ON A T-SHIRT. ❤

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    1. She really is AMAZING!! 😍 And she had a lovely day-I hope! 😊❤️ And Thank you so so so much!!! Mums really do deserve more appreciation and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support (and appreciation 😉) as well! ☺️❤️😊 xx


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