About Blogger

Hello there!

I’m a teen girl who loves to dream! I have a major passion for writing almost anything really ( and blogging of course!) and I’m a massive bookworm. You will probably find me in a cosy corner somewhere curled up with a book haha…

I love chocolate ( who doesn’t?)  and I’m obsessed with Nutella!  ( how is it so good?!).

I am also really passionate about being creative. I love making cute DIYs and pretty things or just finding out amazing things that I share on this blog. I love Fashion (which is one of the reasons why I started this blog) and I really want to become a fashion designer and an author when I’m older.

I really like graphic designing as well (although I’m a bit of a newbie there haha).I also love to travel,explore and find new things! 

I’m really scared of creepy crawlies *shudders* I don’t even know why though…I guess it’s just one of those things that you will never understand.. 

Anyway, a few other things that I’m obsessed with are Donuts,Pinterest,Unicorns,Lip balm,Glitter and emojis! 

I’m usually described as bubbly and very talkative ( which is not always a bad thing) Oh! and I’m also described as a girly girl which I take as a compliment because It’s well…It’s a fact. 🙂 

I think being happy and positive really makes an impact on your life and makes everything seem much better and I want to make the world a more positive place with my blog ( because every little thing counts) 

I also love sharing my thoughts and ideas so I decided to start a blog! I want to show other tween and teen girls to embrace their uniqueness,to express themselves and live their dreams.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it !

Keep dreaming! 

The Stylish Dreamer xxx