My Blog Makeover | Part Three | Sneak peek at my NEW Blog Design + Fun tips

Hi everyone! 

OMG! We finally made it to Part 3! And Thank you all so so much for your votes! I really really appreciated it.All of your lovely comments seriously made my day! 

And a MASSIVE thank you to all of you who have nominated me for awards and tags! It honestly makes me so happy! 😊

Personally whenever I get nominated for something I get really excited and I feel elated because it’s kind of like proof that someone likes your posts or your blog so much that they nominate you for something. 

So THANK YOU all so so much!!! 

Soo…anyway… you have probably noticed by now that there has been a minor  major change in my blog.

And you know what this means….

The Design party is over….


My Blog Makeover is almost done! 

This is something that I have mixed feelings about because the design process has been so much fun and this mini series has been a blast so that is something I’m going to miss.

 But, I’m really liking my blog design so far and I hope that you do too which is why I wanted to give you all a little preview with this post haha…

 This post is sort of like a little ramble because I have a really MASSIVE blog update planned and I don’t want to give anything too exciting away,but I still really really wanted to write a post to sort of explain what was going on.

 ( I’m so so sorry for the wait! But you know what they say… Anticipation is good for the soul!) At least I hope so! haha…

Anyway, unfortunately I still haven’t decided on my theme yet ( my current one is nucleare) but I’ll keep all of you posted on how that goes! 


Here is my header! 

Unfortunately I decided not to use the headers that I had made previously because I found out that they didn’t really go with what I wanted so I had to change it but I did use the basic layout for which all of you had voted on…

And this is my background!

Also! I don’t want to reveal too much but I am adding a fun new feature to my blog! 
I’m doing something that I call a ‘Quote Corner’ and over there I will be transferring some of my fave quotes into wallpapers and I will be updating it whenever I post my weekly blog posts! 

And the best part is that you can download it or save it and use it for free! Just make sure to give credit if you are using it for other purposes or on your blog and don’t distribute/ reproduce without permission and please don’t use it as your own design. 

I also discovered a few thingsin the midst of redecorating and I thought that I’d share a few tips! 

My colour palette was very large so I couldn’t incorporate all the colours everywhere so I had to narrow it down to five colours instead of seven which was awful because I really LOVED all of those colours so instead of using them as my main colours,I decided to add them in wherever I could! 

It was also much easier to design with less colours but still make the designs  colourful and fun,so I definitely recommend that you don’t have more than five colours on your colour palette. 

My mood board came in handy a lot especially when I was deciding how I wanted my blog to look. I think it really helps to see what you want altogether and I think a mood board is the perfect way to display that! 

This also helps when you need to decide a theme. I recommend making a list of the features that you want your blog to have and then selecting your theme because then not only wil it be easier to narrow down your options but also you will be getting exactly what you want! 

Stay organized always! Make a list of the things that you need to do and the graphics you need to make etc. You could even make yourself a little schedule!

My awesome friend Mahriya actually told me this, and she told me to make a list of the things that I needed to get done so that way it would be easier for me to tick off what I have already done. 

    Personally I love lists and I can’t get enough of them so this was perfect for me and you also feel more organized if you have a list and you also get a sense of accomplishment after you tick each thing off of your list. 

    And of course! Most importantly have fun! Design is all about expressing yourself and having fun so go ahead and have fun! Enjoy every single second of it because you are doing something you love! 

    I really really hope that these tips help you out and that you found this mini series fun and useful! I had a TON of fun writing these posts haha…

    Also another MASSIVE thank you to my amazing friends Farah and Mahriya for their awesome design tips and for their help in general! Both of them are not only awesome bloggers but awesome graphic designers as well so do check out their blogs.

     Trust me, you will love them!

    Unfortunately we have finally come to the end of the Design Party but it’s okay because there will definitely be more fun parties in the future! 

    But until then:

    Keep Dreaming! 

    ~The Stylish Dreamer 


    My Blog Makeover | Part 2 | This or That!

    Hi everyone! 

    Before I start this post I’d just like to say that I just joined Activate on Bloglovin! 

    <a href=”″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

    I’m super excited and I hope that I will enjoy every single minute of it! 

    I’ll talk more about that later in a blog update that will be (hopefully) following this series shortly. I have a TON of things that I have to tell you all,so get excited! πŸ˜‰

    Anyway,This post is going to be a ton of fun for all of us because…

    It’s that time of the Design party…

    VOTING Time!

    I have so many options for my header image and just the basic layout in general and I simply CANNOT make a decision by myself so I thought that maybe we could all have done fun by voting!

    Here we go! 

    First up –

    #1 -Bold and Bright

    #2- Simple and Cute

    #3-A Mix of Everything!

    I’m not very sure about the Font style for the third one so I will definitely change it before I use it and make a few tweaks here and there to all of the images! 

    I really hope you like them! 

    I think I had the most fun making these because it was so much fun to mix and match styles and patterns! 





    And now…

    For THE most important part!

    As you can probably see…it’s a very  tough decision…. I really need some help on this one…

    I simply CANNOT wait to see what you all have voted for so don’t forget to leave your answers in the comments down below! I really really hope that you like them! 

    Also, I’d love to know of you have any suggestions or any ideas for my blog makeover or just to help make it better in general! 

    Keep dreaming!

    ~The Stylish Dreamer. 

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    My Blog Makeover | Part 1 | Plans and Pretty Things

    Hi everyone! 

    First of all….


     I’m so excited! I’m finally going to redo my blog! 

    I’ve been planning this for simply ages and I can’t  wait to share it all with all of you! So,for the next few days prepare for a design party! 

    In this blog post I will not only be sharing how I am redoing my blog but also tips and ideas as well! 

    Let the Design Party begin! 

    So the first thing I did was get inspiration. 

    I collected pictures and wallpapers and quotes. Anything I liked and anything that gave me inspiration was saved into my blog folder.

    This was one of my favourite parts of The Makeover because I found it a lot of fun to look at pictures and go through other blogs for design inspiration.

    I really love stripes,polka dots,bright colours and quotes so I made sure to save a LOT of those!

    The next thing I did was make a mood board!

     I picked out all of my favourite pictures from the ones that I had collected and I put it into a grid so I could compare the colours and the patterns and see if they all went well together and complemented each other.

     Here you can put in all those colours and random patterns and quotes which will form your colour palette. This step is important because it is the first glimpse of how your blog could potentially look like! 

    Here is what my mood board looks like!

    I used PhotoGrid to put this all together and I’m already loving how it looks!

     Don’t be afraid to play around with different textures,colours and patterns like I did. With my mood board I found it really easy to plan my blog colour palette and extra features! 

    Which leads me to the next step..

    It was finally time to put my mood board into action and plan! 

    I decided that my colour palette would be –

    Hot Pink,Turquoise,Black,White,Lilac and Blush Pink! 

    I would also be having a few touches of Gold (for the extra glam!) and Glitter (Because you HAVE to have Glitter!) 

    I know it’s an awful lot of colours but they all complement each other perfectly and it’s really easy to incorporate them into all of my posts.( and they are all my fave colours haha)

    I also have a little idea in my head of how I want my blog to look like but you will find out the finished outcome in the final post of this mini series. πŸ˜‰ ( I CANNOT WAIT!)

    Let me know in the comments down below what you think about my colour palette and mood board! I really hope you like them!

    I would also LOVE to know if you would like any extra features/special things on my blog or even just blog post ideas that you want to see! 

    I’m super excited for Part 2 because it’s going to involve a bit of voting and a LOT of fun!

    Keep dreaming!

    ~The Stylish Dreamer

    DIY Nutella Lip Balm!Β 

    Hi everyone! 

    Do you have chapped lips? Love chocolate? Ever wanted to test out the healing powers of chocolate in a different way? Want to be a little more creative? 

    Then this is for you! 

    I came up with an awesome DIY Nutella Lip Balm Recipe!

    I also really miss doing posts on my series ‘My Nutella Obsession’ so I thought that I would also make a Throwback  Thursday post.

    But,unfortunately it’s not Thursday. Yet.

    Which is why this post is a tad bit later than usual. 

    But anyway,it doesn’t really matter what day you are reading this because I’m combining two of my fave things together! Lip balm and Nutella! Let’s get started! 

    • A Container to store your lip balm ( I used an old lip balm container) 
    • Two Spoonfuls Petroleum Jelly
    • I Spoonful of Nutella 
    • Most importantly a Spoon πŸ˜‚

    • Start off my melting your petroleum jelly in the microwave at thirty second intervals. 

    • After each interval, don’t forget to smush down your petroleum jelly with a spoon ( this process is surprisingly satisfying)  I had to repeat Step 1 for about 4-5 times,but I suppose it all really depends on your microwave 

    • Then add in your spoonful of Nutella and melt it in the microwave again! 

      • Once it is liquid,pour it into your container and refrigerate it for about five minutes.

      I just love this lip balm because :

      • It tastes like Nutella ( Unfortunately you can’t eat it though) 
      • It looks good
      • It’s lip balm! 
      • It’s a DIY and it’s super easy!

      • Remember to work fast because petroleum jelly turns to a solid very quickly. 
      • Unless you are making in bulk, don’t add in too much of the ingredients because although it looks little when it’s melted, there is quite a lot of it.

      I hope you try this out! Trust me,you will love it! Comment down below if you like lip balm and Nutella! ( because who doesn’t love Nutella ) and if you are going to give this lip balm a go! I’d love to know! ( that rhymed haha) 

      Keep Dreaming! 

      ~The Stylish Dreamer

      The Ultimate Harry Potter Collab!Β 

      Two potterheads together, get ready for a Harry Potter fan girl marathon!

      Hi everyone! 

      I’m collabing with the AMAZING Mahriya

      Be sure to read her post about her Potterheadness! 

      So, for this collab,The two of us decided to join Pottermore! This was my first time making an account there and I was amazed to say the least. The website itself was a goldmine for any potterhead or even simply a person who enjoyed reading Harry Potter. My favorite feature was the patronus quiz because it was so gorgeous and realistic. Go check out Pottermore if you haven’t before, trust me. You won’t regret it! 

      I took the house quiz and I found out that I was in….

      Drumroll please! 

      Hufflepufff! Yay! I simply love my house and I can now say that I’m a proud Hufflepuff.Most of my friends said that I would be a Hufflepuff but I wanted to see for myself and they were right! I really like my house because it’s warm, friendly and happy and the common room is simply lovely! I also got an AWESOME ‘welcome to Hufflepuff’ letter by my house prefect and now I’m properly settled into my house. 😊

      I also took the patronus quiz and it is a…..

      Manx cat! I love cats so I’m really happy. I especially love Manx cats because they have no tail and I think that’s really cute! The patronus quiz was amazing ( I’m saying it again!)and I loved taking it, it was simply magical! 

      There is also a new school of magic which is in America and it is known as Ilvermony and my Ilvermony house is….

      Thunderbird! This house is LOVELY! First of all my house colours are gorgeous! Gold and White are super pretty colours! And thunderbird favors adventurers! I love the fact that my house is named after a majestic beast and when I read the history of Ilvermony houses,thunderbird was immediately my favorite! But I’ve got to admit I belong to Hogwarts and not Ilvermony because after all Hogwarts is where the Hufflepuff’s are! 

      No offense to any Ilvermonians! 

      And last but DEFINITELY NOT least-My wand! 

      MY WAND HAS UNICORN HAIR!!! And I read about it and it said that this wand is very loyal and easy to use and it is kind of rare to get a wand that is 10 3/4″ in length because usually wands are 9″ or 11″ so that’s really cool too! 

      And now for a round of potterhead questions. 

      • Why are you a Potterhead?

      I’m a Potterhead because I fell in love with the books as soon as I read them and I became obsessed with the series!

      •  When did you begin reading Harry Potter?

      I first read Harry Potter when I was nine and I finished the whole series in a few weeks, and then I started rereading the entire series because I loved it so much! I’ve probably reread everything at least five times now. 😍

      • What were your thoughts before you read HP and after? Compare them!


      Everyone who read it loved it and my mum told me to read it and I didn’t want to because when I was very little,I watched my brother play a game called ‘ Harry Potter and the half blood prince’ and I got very scared when I saw Harry playing quidditch as it looked so scary.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚( I was five!)

       But since I was dying out of boredom, I decided to give it a go and as soon as I read the first page, I was hooked.


      I couldn’t believe it was over and I was simply dying to read more. I was super happy with the ending though! I decided to reread it and whenever anyone asked me to recommend a book for them to read, I immediately said ” Harry Potter” and then I converted them to be potter heads like me! 

      What can I say? I’m not guilty. It was for their own good. 

      • Did you read the books first or the watch the movies?

      I read the books first and then I watched the movies, And I’m so so glad it happened that way because I feel like if I watched the movies first, then they would have ruined the books for me.

      • Have you watched all the movies?

      Unfortunately no 😭I really want to though! 

      • What’s the most Potter-ish thing you’ve done?

      Hmmmm….. I don’t really know to be honest….

      I think saving my friends from the horrors of never finding out about Harry Potter is probably one thing.πŸ˜‚

      • Your thoughts on Cursed Child?

      I liked it but I didn’t LOVE it like I loved the series, partly because JK Rowling didn’t write it and partly because it was a play script and I was expecting much more… so that was a little disappointing. 

      • Favourite character and why?

      Hermoine Granger is definitely my favorite character because she is brave, smart and she oozes girl power. ❀️

      •  Favourite house and why?

      Well, it used to be Gryffindor but now since I am a Hufflepuff, it’s Hufflepuff! 

      •  Favourite book and why?

      *Spoiler Alert* 

      *** Warning***

      Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite because I found out that Harry had a godfather and there was a lot more about his parents and their past,and I love the fact that the patronus charm was also introduced in this book.

      • Favourite scene/chapter?

      ** Warning again!**

      ’19 Years Later’

      -was definitely my favorite part especially the part when Albus was worried about being in Slytherin and Harry tells him that he was named after Severus Snape who was in Slytherin, and Severus was one of the bravest people he knew. 

      • Favourite HP quote?

      •  Saddest death?

      There were too many! I think Sirius Black’s death and Dumbledore’s death were probably the saddest ones though! I cried so much!! 

      • A scene or thing you would’ve changed in the HP books

      Sirius, Fred and Dobby shouldn’t have died, Dobby should have lived and served for Harry as a free house elf and Fred and George could have continued their shop and Sirius could have lived with Harry. but other than that, the books were perfect!  

      •  Favourite movie?

      I watched only the first and the second one but out of both of them ,the first one is definitely my favorite! 

      • Did you ever expect to get a letter from hogwarts?

      Yes! I did,but it’s still not arrived yet, I think Hogwarts probably thought that I could skip a year or something. πŸ˜‚

      • If you were a student in hogwarts, what subjects do you think you would be doing? And why? 

      I think I would be doing Defense against Dark Arts, Potions, Herbology, Charms and Transfiguration because all of them sound equally awesome to learn! And also I hope that Professor Mcgonagall gets to teach me! ( she was one of my favourite teachers)

      Also a HUGE thank you to Mahriya for collaborating with me!! This collab was so much fun to do and I enjoyed every single second of it! She is an Amazing friend and person who has an equally amazing blog! So don’t forget to check it out! Also Ten points to Gryffindor for her awesome skills! 

      When I found out that both of us are obsessed with Harry Potter, I knew this collab Had to happen! And it did! 

      Do comment down below and let me know your Hogwarts house and some of your answers to any of your fave questions! I can’t wait to read them! 

      There’s no denying it,we’re both potter heads! Don’t forget to read Mahriya’s post, where she fangirls about Harry Potter! 

      But remember don’t let the Potterness get to your head!  

      Keep Dreaming! 

      ~The Stylish Dreamer.

      Also,there was this really funny meme that I saw and I just HAD to add it in here:

      Blogging Goals for 2017 | And a Glimpse of what to Expect

      Hi everyone! 

      Welcome to my very first post for 2017! First of all can you believe it?! I still can’t get my head around it,It’s finally 2017!

       2016 has been an Amazing year and I’m so glad that I got to share a small part of it with all of you! That’s right! Today January 1st marks my fifth month of blogging,yay! 

      So since it’s a new year, I made a few goals to ( hopefully) accomplish! Here they are! 

      • Reach 500 followers ( because we should all reach for the stars πŸ˜‰)
      • Guest post on other people’s blogs
      • Design another person’s blog
      • Redesign my own blog. ( More details coming soon!)
      • Start a Bullet Journal 
      • Collaborate with more people
      • Blog regularly every week
      • Complete one year of blogging!

        • Do well in School 
        • Read over 50 books
        • Smile at at least 5 people in one day
        • Experiment with different styles
        • Visit a place I haven’t ever been to before
        • Make Unicorn poop! 
        • Get better at photography 
        • Learn to Code

        I kept my goals simple and fun because then I would enjoy doing all of them. Hopefully at the end of this year, I can look back on this post and see if I have accomplished all of this. I do hope that I can. 

        Since 2017 has officially started, I wanted to give you a little glimpse of what to expect this month and in the future. Be warned though! I’m going to be very mysterious and not give away any secrets. πŸ™‚

        • A Harry Potter collab with a fellow Potterhead. πŸ˜‰β€οΈ
        • A Blog Makeover post
        • A DIY planner for 2017
        • A collab with Evelynn ⭐️
        • More Motivational Monday posts
        • An Awesome Contest
        • A Fab new group. ( This one will make sense later! ) 
        • A few book reviews. ( I’m very very excited for this one!) 
        • Tags and Awards! 

        And MUCH more!! So stay tuned for some weekly sparkle in your Mailbox! 

        Are you excited? Are you? Because I certainly am! Let’s make 2017 our year! 

        Comment down below your blogging goals or even just your ordinary goals for 2017! I’d love to know them! πŸ™‚

        Keep dreaming! 

        ~The Stylish Dreamer 

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          My Favorite Apps | Recommendations + Extra Surprise!Β 

          Hi everyone! 

          I’m back with a gazzilion apps and a ton of things to share! But first I suppose I should start by saying it out. 

          I have a serious addiction and let me just tell you that is a problem- a big one. I have way  too many apps.When I last checked the count was ninety seven.πŸ˜‚

          I know.Ninety Seven. 

          But on the bright side, this means that I have a lot of experience with apps and let me just tell you one thing-I only keep the ones that I want… 

          Okay… well it’s not like I use Ninety seven apps in one day… but they are all super amazing and super useful! And today I’m going to share my favorite ones with all of you!

          • Picky

          This app is hands down simply awesome! It picks out the best pictures from your gallery ( using artificial intelligence) and edits them and makes the pictures look Amazing! 

          • Pinterest

          I’m sure that many of you already know about Pinterest, but I wanted to add in my favorites anyway because I just love that app so much!! It is my go to app for inspiration for literally anything

          • We heart it

          I had recently downloaded this app and I am loving it so far! It is something like Pinterest but not exactly Pinterest. It gives you Inspiration on anything and everything-but through pictures! I think that that is a very cool idea and I simply love using it.

          • Dubsmash

          I know that not many people use Dubsmash anymore because is more popular, but I still kind of like Dubsmash more… It’s a great app for lip singing or to just have some fun if you are bored.

          • Pixlr

          If you are looking for a new photo editing or a new graphic designing app, then this app is probably for you. I love this app! It is super simple and super easy to use and the result is astonishingly AMAZING!

          • Easel

          This is app is a lifesaver! Seriously, you can make gorgeous designs in seconds! This app was created to make quotes and it is just simply beautiful. 

          • Typorama

          This app is great if you want different font options and font styles.I like the fact that you can write in so many different styles and each font has it’s own options. You can also make a gradient effect which I really like. 

          • Air Hockey

          This game is pretty self explanatory and it is so so so much fun to play!! ( although I’m not very good at it πŸ˜‚( You can play against the computer or play against another person or just against yourself. That’s what I do sometimes to make myself feel better about losing to other people, I play against my self and of course make myself win! πŸ˜‚It is a super great boredom buster and it doesn’t even need any wifi! ( which is awesome)

          • Emoji Remix

          If you have ever wanted to make your own emojis, then this is definitely the app for you! You can literally make your own emojis and they can be of any type and you can customize them to your liking. I found this app a TON of fun and I loved using my new emojis through iMessage.

          That is all for all of my favorite apps! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you that you can ( hopefully) relate to my obsession. I definitely recommend trying out all of these apps as they are all amazing!

          Also I don’t know if any of you noticed but my wallpaper is pretty boring… I mean it’s pretty and all but…I don’t think it’s the right one. 

          So, I have a special surprise for all of you!! For the first time in my entire life, I designed wallpapers! It was super fun to make and I really really hope that all of you like them and I hope that I helped you get some wallpapers that match all of your amazing personalities and help brighten up your days.

          And the best part? You can have it for FREE!! 

          Here we go:

          Wallpaper #1

          Wallpaper #2

          Wallpaper #3

          Wallpaper #4

          Wallpaper #5

          I used some of my favorite quotes and styles to make them and If you want to use/download any of these wallpapers ( or even all of them!) just click on it and save it. 

          All rights reserved.May not be reproduced or altered without permission.When sharing give credit and link back to the site.Do not claim it as your own. 

          Let me know in the comments down below, which wallpaper was your favorite ( if you have one) and if you have any of the apps that I have mentioned above. 

          Ooh! Also, if any of you want any custom made wallpapers let me know! 

          Keep dreaming! 

          ~The Stylish Dreamer