❤️ A Tribute to My MUM!! + Why Mums NEED To Be Appreciated More!

Hi everyone!!

Today’s post is going to be something a tad bit different…because today is my mum’s birthday (yay!) so I thought that I might pay a tribute to her in this post! Of course, I never will be able to fully appreciate all that she has done for me, but I’m definitely going to try my best. Last year, I wasn’t able to do that, (unfortunately!) so I’m going to make the most out of this year!

My mum has been such an inspiration and support to me, all throughout my life-but I think I began to notice it more when I started to blog. She would always be the first one to tell me that she enjoyed reading my post and give me a hug. And whenever I had a spot of trouble with anything at all, she was the first to help me out and not just with my blog but with everything in life,school,friends and everything in between! Oh and not to mention the fact that she knows exactly how to deal with any situation and is also super kind! 😍😍

Mothers are honestly so so important to all of us and I think each and every single mum is extra special in her own way. But the sad thing is, us kids and teens don’t always fully appreciate them and what they do for us, which is really awful when you think about it, because they do everything to make us happy. They sacrifice everything-from time to food to friends-for us! And we don’t even notice sometimes. 

I’ve finally realized this and I want to tell my mum today (and to mums all around the world) that I appreciate her and I love her for everything she has done for me. Just simply being her daughter is special and I’m incredibly blessed and lucky to have her as my mum. 💗

I think mums should be celebrated everyday and not just on their birthdays or on Mother’s Day so..go and give your mums a gigantic hug and let them know that you appreciate them!! Trust me, you will make their day. 

They are precious so make the most of every moment! And not just mums, even dads and grandparents and relatives! all of them are also equally important so show ‘em some love too!

Appreciation is Always Appreciated [The Stylish Dreamer]

I know this was quite a short post but I hope that you enjoyed it anyway! Don’t forget to give your loved ones a hug and let them know you appreciate them! 

Comment down below two-five things that you love about your mum (or dad or any other loved one really!). I’d LOVE to read them!!

P.S- HAPPY Birthday MUM!! ❤️😊


Sasha Chats! | Catching Up With Everything + A Vote For Something SUPER Exciting! 

Hi everyone! 

Gosh, it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve last blogged. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to blog last Sunday because I had a few tests last week 😭 so I had to work on that and because I was blogging for nine days straight, I thought that it’ll be better if I didn’t blog on Sunday- I’m really sorry about that! 😢

Anyway, thank you all so so so so much for all of your support and for all of you just being SUPER amazing in general!! My bloggerversary party and the celebration countdowns were all really really fun to do and I honestly had a BLAST doing it and all of your AMAZING comments just made everything even better! 

I decided to do another Sasha Chats today simply because I have a few things to say and because…well…it’s a Sunday! And Sunday’s are just the most perfect days to just lounge about and read and blog! (Of course!)

This post might not be as long as my other ‘Sasha Chats post because I don’t have as many things to say but I hope that it’ll still be a fun post! ☺️

First of all-Let’s chat about the name! I actually wanted to re-name it to ‘Chocolate & Chats’ but then I realized after a while, that ‘Chocolate & Chats didn’t have a ring to it, like ‘Sasha Chats’ and I really love the name now! It just kind of grew on me I guess? Oh,and most of you said that you liked this name as well! So that’s settled! ❤ *cheers*

Secondly I think that I need to apologize to you all. Unfortunately after my blog party, I wasn’t able to be online at all. This was mostly due to my exams (😭) and because I got addicted to a couple of new books and I just couldn’t stop reading. (I can’t wait to talk about them with you all in my next book post! ❤) anyway, all of this led to me missing out on a TON of your blog posts (and being late to reply to your comments! 😭😭) and I don’t think I could feel worse about it…I’m so so so sorry!! 😭😭

 On the bright side though-this has led to a lot of amazing posts from my fave bloggers that I can now binge-read! I can’t wait!! Please excuse me if I spam you all with my comments 😂

 I also have another really exciting announcement to make!

 I’m going on holiday! 🎉 (AHH I’m so excited!!) 

And the best part? You are all coming with me! 

I’m planning on blogging quite a bit while I’m there, and I’m planning on starting a new series called ‘Dreamer Diaries’ which will consist of travel themed posts. Well travel diaries at least! 😉

I’ll give you all of the fun details in next week’s post (it’s going to be a really fun one! 😉) but for now, I want you all to vote!

What type of travel diaries do you prefer? Would you rather I combined everything into one big post or break it down into two posts? I feel like both would be equally fun to do, but I want to know what you think!

If I combine everything into one post, it might not be as detailed but it’ll still be really easy to read? Well, hopefully anyway! 😊

But if I break it down a little, it will be more of a travel diary? I think that it would definitely contain more details too. ☺️

I’ll be posting the travel diary after I’m back because then I’ll have more time to work on it and make it as good as I possibly can! ❤ 

This was quite a short post, wasn’t it? It was still really really fun to write though! 😊❤ So, What did you think of this post? Are you liking Sasha Chats so far? I hope so! What do you think of my new idea? Ooh and don’t forget to vote! I can’t wait to see what you all think! 🙂

Photography Party With Rosinalee! ❤🎉

Hi everyone! 

So today is kind of a bittersweet day. Bitter because it’s going to be the last day of the countdown and that’s really really sad!! 😢 (I’m also secretly a little relieved as well, because blogging everyday is really tiring 😂) but it’s still really really sad too because I’m really going to miss chatting with you all everyday! And it’s sweet because I’m collaborating with one of the most awesome bloggers in the blogosphere-Rosie!! 😊 

So since I want to get more into photography, and Rosie already loves photography (and is amazing at it!!) that’s what we decided to collab about! Both of us took a couple of pictures and we wanted to share them with all of you! I really hope that you like them! 

As you can tell, I experimented quite a bit with editing tools and filters (and maybe went a little overboard too haha…) but  it was really really fun!! One of my secret goals this year was to experiment with new things and learn new skills, and photography has definitely become one of my new favorite things to do now! 😍😊

As you can tell, the editing in most of the pictures is quite dramatic because I always wanted a particular feature to stand out and I wanted to give it that extra bit of flair, just to you know…make it look perfect! 😉 (Hopefully? I don’t really know..I’m still new to this!) The quality of the pictures weren’t very good as well (because of the bad lighting) so I had to fix that too. 💗

I took the nature-y pictures in my garden (in my pajamas! 😂) and the pictures of the sunset and the beach were taken when I went on a trip with my family. 😊 and I had a lot of fun taking these pictures! It’s just really satisfying to play around with angles and filters and everything else to get that perfect picture! 😊

If you want to see more pictures, then definitely be sure to check out Rosie’s post and her AMAZING blog, she always posts some gorgeous pictures over there too, so be sure to check ’em all out! ❤ 

Alright, Time to get bombarded with questions! (sorry about that haha..) let’s go-What do you think of my pictures?? Do you like them? And are you following Rosie yet, if not then be sure to check out her blog here! I’m sure that you are going to love it! Oh and do you like photography as well? If so, do you have any tips? Let me know everything in the comments down below! And Thank you so so much for reading!

DIY Nut-Oreo Truffles!! 😍🎉

Hi everyone! 

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day (or night). So, today I wanted to get creative and make something! I had been seeing gorgeous pictures of yummy looking Truffles all over a Pinterest, so I decided to give it a go and try making them and OMG I had a blast! It’s probably one of the easiest deserts to make in the world and it tastes AMAZING! Since it was so easy (and it included Nutella), I decided to adapt the recipe a little bit, add in my own twists and share it with all of you! I really hope that you like it! 

Alright, so this is a recipe for Nut- Oreo Truffles (yay!) which means that the inner part of the truffle is going to be made up of Nutella and Oreos! Which is awesome! This post kind of reminds me of the good ‘ole days when I started my first ever series-My Nutella Obsession. So In a way, this kind of feels like a #ThrowbackThursaday post except that it’s not Thursday-It’s Monday. 😂

Anyway, let’s get started! 

For this recipe, you are going to need only three ingredients :

  • A packet of cookies or Oreos. I used eight. (Since we are making Nutoreo truffles, I’m using biscuits similar to Oreos. I would use Oreos but I didn’t have any with me at that time) 
  • 2 tbsp of Nutella
  •  Chocolate!! You can get really creative with this one too! I used one bar of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and one bar of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream chocolate. 

And making them is just as easy! 

  • First, you have to gather your cookies (or Oreos) and blend them together until they form a fine, powder-like substance. (As shown in the above picture) 
  • Then you have to add in two tablespoons of Nutella and mix it all together. Nutella acts as the glue that will hold the truffle together! 

      • Now that your mixture is all mixed up, grab a spoonful of the mixture and mold it into a little ball. 
      • Then make as many more balls as you possibly can, and pop them all  of them into the fridge to harden for a bit. 
      • While you are waiting, you can start melting your chocolate! I prefer double boiling the chocolate but you can always melt it in the microwave or opt for no coating at all. (Of course, it wouldn’t really be a truffle if you did that, but I bet it would still taste amazing!)

        • Once your chocolate has melted, grab your truffles and carefully (using a spoon and a fork) dip each truffle into the the melted chocolate, and once it’s completely coated in chocolate, pierce the fork through the truffle and and then with the help of your spoon, place it onto a tray. This took me quite a while to learn -so don’t give up! And remember your truffles don’t have to be perfect so …just have fun with it! 
        • I decided to to make some Milk Chocolate Nut-Oreo Truflles and some Cookies and Cream Nut-Oreo truffles but you can always feel free to experiment and try tons of other flavors too! 

        • One you are done doing that to all of your truffles, you can decorate them and then…finally eat them! ❤

        YUM!! ☺️ that was actually so much easier than I anticipated and I definitely enjoyed every single moment of making it! Oh and it tasted Scrumptious!! 😍😍 

        Truffles are quite odd, you know,the outer texture is so smooth and chocolaty but on the inside, it’s filled with soft crumbs of Oreos and Nutella which altogether makes them absolutely delicious! 😍

        I hope that you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!! (and making the truffles of course!). Do let me know in the comments down below if you have ever made truffles before and if you love them as much as I do now! Oh and please let me know if you are going to try this out as well! I’d love to know how it turns out for you! 

        P.S-The gorgeous B&W picture was taken by my lovely brother, so credit goes to him for that! Thanks bro! ☺️❤

        A little disclaimer-The original idea and recipe do not belong to me, I just modified a recipe that I found and I wanted to share it with all of you! 

        The Dreamer Award! | Appreciation + Shoutouts to a Couple Of My FAVE Bloggers! 

        Hi everyone! 

        So, after doing that lovely award yesterday (and because it’s friendship day today!), I felt very… inspired to create something new and  I really wanted to show some appreciation to you all (my amazing readers and friends!) so I decided to make up an award just for all of you! 

        I really hope that you like it! 

        Here’s how it works : 

        So I’m going to start the chain today (and hopefully) it’ll continue from there! I’m going to nominate a few bloggers who are amazingly talented, super nice and just fabulous in general and mention just one thing that I adore about them! (Mentioning just one thing is going  be really really hard but I guess that’s the challenge! 

        I also have to link back to their blogs, and then let them know that I’ve nominated them so that they can do the award too! 😊❤

        I want this award to be very versatile and customizable according to each of the bloggers who do it, so you can always feel free to be as creative as you like. For example of you are into photography, you can make an artsy collage about what you love about their blog! If one of the bloggers you nominated runs a book blog, then you can include pics of the books they have reviewed and aesthetic bookshelves! Just have fun with it! 

        And once you are nominated for the award, you get to celebrate!! 

         Basically, the whole concept behind this award is to…just appreciate and celebrate! (and to get creative!) ☺️❤

        Anyway here are my Nominees!! (In no particular order,of course)

        • Lui– Lui is probably one of the kindest (and loveliest) people on the planet! ❤
        • Ilsa-Describing Ilsa In one word would most definitely be-AMAZING!! 😍😊 (I could use plenty more lovely adjectives like ‘Superhumanly talented’ and ‘one of the nicest people ever’ too ❤) 
        • Sithara-Probably one of the most talented writers on the planet. (And an amazing friend as well!) 
        • Ipuna-Ipuna is also one of the most inspirational people in the blogosphere! Her posts never fail to make me feel grateful and happy! So thank you Ipuna!! 
        • Tabi-The queen of DIYs!! (And doodles!!) 
        • Rosie-Another AMAZINGLY talented blogger (an photographer!), Rosie’s awesome personality always shines through her equally awesome posts and I love it! ❤
        • Kate-One of the most talented people on this planet-Kate is amazingly artistic and is very very sweet (and witty!!). ❤
        • Liv-Her designs are GORGEOUS and so is her blog, and her blog posts are always super fun to read! 
        • May-May has an EPIC sense of humour ant never fails to make me laugh! (Also she is the Mango Queen!!! So I had to nominate her! Obviously ❤) 
        • Aqsa-Inspiration’s new Inspiration would definitely be Aqsa! You go girl! Keep being awesome! 
        • Shania-Super Creative and super fun!! Her blog posts are always really unique and always are a pleasure to read! ☺️

        (As you can tell, I have a lot of favorite bloggers haha…) You don’t have to nominate as many people as I have-of course! I just wanted to nominate as many as I could! If I haven’t mentioned you in this list, then please forgive me-I’m really sorry!! I can be very forgetful!  😅 Please let me know if you want to do it and I’ll just add you into the list! 

        I can’t wait to read your take on this award! Please do leave a link down below, and let me know what you think of it! I really hope that you love the idea as much as I do! ☺️❤

          DIY School Supplies Haul! 

          Hi everyone! 

          So last week I went back to school, (😭) and because I am starting a new term at school, I decided to DIY a few of my school supplies and do a little haul! I don’t think I have ever done a haul on my blog so this is really exciting!! 😊

          A huge thank you to my sister for taking the gorgeous pics!! I absolutely love how they turned out! 😍

          Anyway, the reason I’m doing this is because:

          • I love reading Back to School blog posts
          • I love getting inspiration from them for my own Supplies! 
          • And I love blogging so I decided to merge everything together! 
          • I’m also sharing some of my favorite back to school DIYs and my essentials so that we can all be prepared! 

          I honestly think that preparing to go back to school might be even more fun than actually going back to school haha… the excitement wears off after a while but your supplies last for the whole year! ❤ 

          Alright…*dramatic pause* Roll the pictures! (I know it’s actually supposed to be roll the clips but hey, this works too…right?) 😂

          The first few things I have are the usual boring essentials… BUT I jazzed them up a bit with some of my favorite DIY ideas and I’m going to share them with you! 
          I also have a few tips so I hope that will help as well!  😊

          • Let’s start with the pencils-This year I wanted some really fun pencils, so instead of just covering them in ordinary washi tape, I came up with an idea that I like to call ‘Double Sided Pencils’. I decided to cover one side in one pattern and the other side in another pattern so that way-I’ll never be bored! 

          • For my pencil sharpener (I know it’s a bit odd to just talk about a pencil sharpener, but I just have to add this in haha..) I’d recommend getting a big sharpener so that you can just dump in all of your dirt in the container and throw it later instead of having to walk out of class just to sharpen your pencils! (This actually really helps!) 
          • I also just spiced up my ruler and my stapler with some rhinestones and washi tape,and it honestly made a huge difference! And it took less than a minute! And it was so easy! 

          • Pens and pens and more pens!  I went a bit nuts over my pens this year, to be honest. I think it’s a bit of a problem… you see… I have a massive gel pen addiction! I just love them! They are amazing! 😍😍😍 I mean, how could you not love them?? I don’t use them for exams (because that’s dangerous, they are way too precious to be wasted!) but I use them for everything else. I got myself some fine liners this year as well and I love ’em! Coming from a person who has not-so-nice handwriting, gel pens are a lifesaver! 
          • I also got some really pretty pens like a donut pen and the pom-Pom pen! (Both of them are gel too,of course!) 😉😂

          • This year, I wanted to get very creative with my highlighters, so I decided to label them-according to their colours so that I can colour code all of my notes and never forget what each colour stands for! 
          • I also got the other fun supplies like sticky notes and fun pointers and things like that. Coloured notes are honestly an amazing invention. They just make everything so much easier (not to mention prettier!) and it’s really easy to label everything so I’d definitely recommend getting yourself some of those! 

          • I also got two little notebooks so that I can jot down my to-do lists and of course-doodle! 
          • And the last and final thing is something that took literally two minutes but it changed everything! I don’t know about you but I don’t really enjoy doing maths. So this year, I thought that if I make my maths box pretty and covered in my favorite things, then I might feel motivated enough to use it more often! ( and it worked! School has just started and I’ve already used it!) I found an old lip-smacker container and covered the label with washi tape and put in all of my things and it was the perfect fit! So if you have any old tins or boxes, just cover them in some patterned paper and marvel at the difference. 😊

          And that’s it! I really hope that you enjoyed reading and that you got some ideas for your own supplies! (They all take less than five minutes!) 😉

          Alright so… The comments of the week go to…




          Thank you so much Mahriya and Sithara!! and Thank you ALL so much for all of your amazingly lovely comments on all of my posts-you are all amazing!! ☺️❤ and They honestly make my day! 🌈💗 *hugs*

          What did you think of my school supplies? Are you going back to school early too? Do you have an addiction to gel pens (please tell me I’m not alone on this one!)? Are you obsessed with donuts as well??  Let me know in the comments down below! 

          Sasha Chats! | Positive Vibes Only,New Blog Schedule & 380 Followers!? 

          Hi everyone! 

          Today I decided to do something a tad bit different…I decided to write (or type) up a little chatty post!! I just have a lot to say today and it’s a simply gorgeous day (That rhymed! It wasn’t even on purpose! This day just keeps getting better and better haha…

          Anyway…I have been told that I talk quite a bit (okay,a lot! Unfortunately) so I decided to use my talking skills (is that even a thing?)  to my advantage and make it a new series! I’m calling it…

          Sasha Chats! 

          It’s not exactly the best name I could come up with,but it’ll do for now! I’m still trying to come up with a better name so if you have any ideas then please leave a comment down below and let me know! 

          Anyway, ‘Sasha Chats’ is sort of going to be like a new feature on my blog where I just chat about fun stuff and talk about anything and everything! ❤

          For this blog post, I’m going to be updating you all on some really really fun things and I honestly couldn’t be more excited!! I’m literally squealing right now! 

          Alright,so the first thing that I wanted to address (ooh so formal) is my posting schedule. I’m pretty sure that all of you must have noticed that over the past few weeks, my posting schedule has been a very…odd and I’ve barely blogged. 😭😭 (which is awful!)

          But that’s going to stop. (I had been kind of busy for the past few weeks I didn’t really have time to plan this out completely but now I’m free,so I came up with a new schedule!)

          From now on I’m going to be (hopefully! 😉)  posting regularly every single Sunday (excluding tags and awards which will be posted on other days) anddd…I’m planning on reintroducing my special days and series! Yay! 

          So if any of you haven’t read my first post, then I think I should probably explain to you all what my special days are. 

          So this is how it goes! Twice a month I will post on a specific day, and that day will have a label like my Motivational Mondays! 

          Here is a little list (I love lists!) of the special days:

          • Motivational Mondays 

          This is when I would want to post some inspirational and motivational posts to help you get pumped up for the week,and hopefully make your Mondays a bit better!

          • Talent Tuesdays 

          When I collab with people or do interviews and other fun stuff like that, it will hopefully be posted on this day! 

          • Wacky Wednesdays

          This day is when I’m going to sort of start experimenting more and doing all sorts of other fun things a little outside my comfort zone. 

            • Style Saturday 

            I’m going to be posting most of my style posts on Sundays! So from now on it’s going to be Style Sunday! 

            Because I’m having these special days and I’m planning to have a lot of cool series and challenges, my schedule won’t be limited and it won’t be strict so I’ll be able to have a bit of freedom as well! 

            The next thing I wanted to chat about, is My New Blog! So if any of you missed out on my MASSIVE Blog Update,then I’ll just fill you in on the details! 

            I started a new blog called’Positive Vibes Only’ because I wanted to dedicate a blog solely for positivity and I sort of wanted it to be a ‘happy place’ on the internet! I also wanted to make it a group blog so that I wouldn’t be the only one posting on it and because then it’ll be more fun and interactive! 

            Well, the blog is now open to all! I actually wanted to start the ‘joining process’ after the contest but I ran out of time,so I decided to have it now! So if any of you want to join, (please do!) then please comment down below and let me know! It won’t be as time consuming as having your own blog-because it will be a group thing, but it’ll still be a really fun way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world! ☺️

            Here is a little list of the bloggers who volunteered to sign up before : 

            (If any of you can’t join anymore for any reason at all, then please let me know by emailing me or commenting down below!) 

            Also! When you join you will also get a little ‘Positive Vibes Only’ badge to display on your blog, to show that you are part of this blog as well! 

            I think we are all going to have a blast! The actual blogging will (hopefully) begin in August (once more bloggers join?)

             Ooh, and speaking of August, my first bloggerversary is coming up!! I’m thinking about having a huge blog party to celebrate, but if you have any other ideas then let me know-I’d love to hear them! 


            OMG Everyone!! We reached 380 followers!! I’m still in shock right now because it feels sooo crazy and unbelievable!!!  Thank you all so so so much for following my blog and for all of your amazing support and encouragement (and for your lovely comments as well! 😉) It really means a lot to me!! *gives you all a big hug* *does happy dance* *gives you all another hug* 

             Thank you all so so much!! ☺️

             I’m thinking about merging my bloggerversary celebrations with this one and having the huge blog party to celebrate this as well.. but I’m not really very sure yet…What do you all think? 

            I have a few more things that I have to talk about! 

            First of all a MASSIVE thank you and hug (and a million jars of Nutella) to the lovely Kate for making my new profile picture for me! She’s honestly one of THE most talented people I know, and her art (and her blog) is simply gorgeous!! 😍😍 Thank you so so much Kate! You are the best! 

            I actually found out about her through the amazing Mahriya because Kate drew her profile picture as well, and I loved Mahriya’s so I contacted Kate and she very kindly made a personalized one for me! So thank you Mahriya!! 

            Oh and I have some more very exciting news!! Mahriya and I will be writing a novel together in a few weeks!! Ahhhhhhh I’m so so so excited!! I honestly can’t wait to get started! Mahriya is an awesome writer (and blogger) and an amazing friend and so I’m really lucky (and glad!) to be writing with her! I’ll definitely try to keep all of you posted on how it goes! 😉

            On the topic of friends,the super funny, talented and just overall awesome May is hosting a contest called The Scribbler’s Challenge and it’s a fun group contest all about writing!! I don’t think I could be more excited right now haha… you can check out the details and join the contest by clicking here! (You should definitely join!😉) 

            Mahriya actually also had an amazing contest called-The Typewriter Project and I had a blast!! It was sort of like a creative and fun writing camp,and I made some AMAZING friends when I participated,so shoutout to her for hosting such an awesome contest and for all of the planning,effort and hard work that must have gone in to it. *cheers for Mahriya*

            And lastly (but definitely not least!) thank you to all of you for being lovely and amazing! Always remember to keep smiling! (And dreaming of course!)

            What do you think about ‘Sasha Chats’?, Do have any suggestions for a new name-if so then please comment it down below! 😊 Are you planning on joining ‘Positive Vibes Only’ and May’s contest? (Please do! I’d love it if you could and I’m sure May would be ecstatic if you joined her contest as well!),Do you love my new profile picture as much as I do? (I think that would be impossible because I love it way too much!! 😍) Oh and are you as excited for the special days as I am? Let me know in the comments down below! 

            P.S-The comments of the week will be featured in my next post because this post had already become extremely long so I didn’t want to make even longer! I’m really sorry about that! 😢