Gorgeous Sustainable Fashion Pieces You Need To Know About


Hi everyone!

So sustainable is a huge buzzword in the fashion industry right now, and I couldn’t be happier about it, so I decided to write about some amazing sustainable finds! I do hope that this ’trend’ is here to stay because if every brand was a bit more sustainable, our planet would be all that much better for it, and there’s nothing more timeless and understated than preserving the planet is there?

The unfortunate thing about sustainable fashion though, is that it’s quite difficult to find pieces that are both unique and affordable. I scrolled through tons of websites but most of them practically sold the same clothes with different price tags; it’s disappointing and quite frankly demotivating, because it gives off the impression that fast fashion would be better in terms of wearability and just overall ‘unblandness’ (yes, that should be a word haha)

So I decided to do some deeper digging, and share a couple of my favourite sustainable fashion pieces with all of you, to prove that, yes, it is true, you can save the planet whilst looking gorgeous. #facts

Some of these pieces are on the pricier side, but most of the stores have a sale or ’outlet’ where you can get them for half off or even less!

Okay, I know what you are thinking: why that pattern?? Hear me out, okay? I think this is one of those pieces that grow on you the more you look at it. It’s bold, unapologetic and absolutely stunning when worn the right way.

As soon as I saw these shoes, I just knew I had to include them in this post! I absolutely adore little details on classic pieces and those tiny gold studs on the heel of the shoe (which features that gorgeous silhouette too) just made fall in love with them.

I’m not usually a big fan of red and lace together, but this broderie anglaise dress just made me reconsider everything haha. I don’t love the squareness of it all, but the detail is just too intricate to ignore.

This looks like one of those questionable pieces as first sight too, but it’s definitely one you can’t ignore. It’s as if an artist decided to make a dress her canvas and painted her dreams on it, all that color and detail really makes it stand out!

I love it when shoe brands experiment with patterns and color, it just adds so much personality to mundane footwear. But in this case, with that classic oxford cut and the ‘British countryside walk’ pattern, I honestly think they nailed it. So. Pretty.

The last piece I chose was minimal yet understated. The white shirt underneath the denim makes the design really shine, although it’s simple. Sometimes less really is more and this dress is a prime example of that.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post, and that you can now appreciate with me the beauty of sustainable (and unique!) fashion. This is something I’ve always enjoyed and I’m so glad to be able to share it with all of you!

Now I want to hear from you; did you have any favourites from this post? Do you want to support more sustainable brands too? And what’s your fashion sense like, humour me in the comments haha

Visualize Your Dreams And Make Them Goals | DIY Vision Board!

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Hi everyone!

I hope that you are all having a great day!

I’ve always enjoyed setting myself goals and doing my best to accomplish them! While pen and paper is definitely wonderful for helping you finish up your to-do list or plan an event, for long term goals and motivation, I think visualizing your goals is definitely the way to go!

I absolutely love the concept of vision boards and how versatile they can be. I made my first one a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed it! There’s just something amazing about waking up each morning, and being greeted with a literal world of possibilities, dreams and hope.

The greatest thing about it is that it’s extremely easy to set up and you can be as creative as you’d like! There are no restrictions!

Because I loved my vision board so much, I wanted to show you all how to make one too, so that all of us can get inspired and accomplish all of our goals together!

What you use for your vision board is all up to you! You could use a frame, a cork board, a chalkboard even the cover of a notebook or a piece of cardboard!

You are also going to need a visual representation of your goals and this leads to the first step-

Think of all the things that you want to accomplish, make a list of your dreams,passions and goals and then visualize them!

If you want to become a successful author, then picture a massive bookshelf featuring all the books you’ve written! Or maybe if you want to think of smaller goals like getting good grades, think of what motivates you to get good grades!

What drives you to work harder and be more productive? What makes you happy? What inspires you? These are questions that you should answer using your vision board! A lot of people start with inspirational quotes and then move on to their ambitions and passions.

There a loads of good places to get inspiration from, but my personal favorite is Pinterest!

Decide what your priorities are and what you are going to focus on. Then, bring that order to your vision board!

I’d recommend focusing on five things or less because if you spread yourself too thin then you aren’t going to be able to do your best for everything that you want to do.

For me, my priorities are- Trying to be the best Muslim girl that I can possibly be, doing well at school, writing up fun blog posts, working on my other writing and being creative! So, that’s how I mapped out my vision board.

I organized my images to make the inspiration and quotes that motivate me to stay in the middle and I spread out the rest of my goals from that point.

I really wanted to focus on all of the positive aspects of my life and and make the most out of every moment! As I mentioned in my previous post, that’s my quote for this year so it’s going to be highlighted in my vision board.

Your vision board doesn’t have to be picture perfect, nor does it have to be exactly like someone else’s! That’s what makes it so unique. It’s kind of like a glimpse into your personality and dreams!

This is the most important step! Having a vision board is amazing but the point of it is to motivate and inspire you everyday.

When you look at your vision board, it should remind you of all of the wonderful things you can and will accomplish! Working towards your vision is what is truly going to complete your vision board.

If you aren’t feeling inspired after awhile, then change up your vision board. If your priorities change or you lose your focus, adjust your vision board according to that. When you change, your vision board also must represent that.

This is what my vision board currently looks like:

I decided to keep my ‘school and learning’ goals on top (along with with a Hermione reference!) and then gradually moved down towards my most important goals and quotes! I wanted to throw in a couple of fun images but also make sure that everything I added to my vision board was something that wasn’t unnecessary.

Since I love fashion and writing, I put together a cute little ‘designing graphic?’ and I also added a feature to my vision board which I called ‘Words’. I wanted to display my favorite phrase/ paragraph of the month out of my own writing!

I had a lot of fun making my vision board (as you can probably tell haha..) and I really hope that,if you make one yourself, you do too!

What do think of vision boards? Do you have one? and if not, are you going to make one?? I really hope that you do! What are some of your biggest goals? Maybe we can all inspire each other to accomplish them in the comments down below! Let me know!

DIY (Eco-Friendly) Statement Necklace + How To Personalize Any Outfit!

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Hi everyone!

I’m really excited about today’s post because it’s going to be merging three of my favorite things together: Fashion, DIYs and being eco-friendly!

Recently, I happened to spot a couple of gorgeous statement necklaces; they were bright, colorful and unique. And I loved them.

Lately I’ve also been wanting to get more into conserving energy and saving the planet,consuming less etc.. and on that thought, I thought that those necklaces looked easy (and fun!) enough to DIY, so that’s what I did!

I have tons of old beads that I don’t use anymore, and I thought that I’d try to re-use them for this DIY. I had a couple of pretty bracelets that accidentally broke (oops) and I had collected the beads, hoping that they would come in handy, and I was right! They did!

I decided to paint my beads and charms (both taken from old bracelets) and I used a chain that I had bought ages ago, that went well with my plan for this necklace!

-Step 1-

You can connect the invisible thread to the chain using a jump ring, if your chain is a bit more delicate, or you can just tie a double knot through the chain, like I did.

You’ll have to close the chain first (with the clasps already on the chain) and then add in the thread in the middle part of the chain.You might have to remove a couple of the links in your chain or you could just use pliers to prise it open, to get to the middle.

You just need to thread in the invisible thread (that’s a mouthful haha..) through one link of the chain.

-Step 2-

Now it’s time for the fun (and slightly nerve-wracking) part: the beads. I recommend planning out a pattern or having a little idea of how you want your necklace to look before you begin, because that will definitely make it easier.

After you are done threading in your beads, you can tie a double knot at the other end of the chain to connect it all together, and then you are done!

You could also just go wild and add in all sorts of combos as well, too! Just have fun with it, it’s your necklace, it’s a part of you. It’s your statement so make it as big and bold as you want it to be.

You don’t even have to use beads or charms if you don’t want to! You could always trade in the invisible thread for some colourful yarn and make something intricate with a macrame knot style necklace! It’s all up to you,and how you want to make your statement!

I decided to go with an all silver theme with a statement pink bead in the centre and I also wanted to add in some charms after every two beads, to give it some variation and also because that’s what I wanted it to look like; a charm bracelet style necklace mixed with a unique layout!

When it comes to styling statement necklaces, it’s all about incorporating your personal style. You can either use your statement necklace as a statement piece to dress up an otherwise ‘ordinary’ outfit, or you could simply use it as a unique accessory to add in your personality to an already fab outfit!

I usually like to style my statement necklaces with shirts or dresses which have high collars so that I can slide the necklace under the collar, or I just wear it with a dress and a cute jacket.. the options are honestly endless!

Here are two outfits which incorporate my favorite ways to wear the necklace!

For this outfit, I decided to go with a water coloured shirt underneath a teal overall style-dress and of course the necklace! I really like how the necklace contrasts and coordinates with all of the colours!

I wanted this outfit to be a bit more toned down, so I picked out this white Broderie-Anglaise style dress and paired it with my sparkly denim jacket.(Yes, it does have glitter on it. I don’t know how. It’s amazing. Unfortunately you can’t really see it in the picture, unless you look really close.)

Anyway, I think a statement necklace really helps to transform an ordinary outfit to an extra ordinary one. Especially ones that you’ve made yourself!

I think it’s really cool to know that I’m the only one in the world who owns a necklace exactly like this one. There definitely might be similar ones, but nothing will be the exact copy of my one!

What did you think of this post! Are you going to try this DIY out?! I hope so! Oh, and what do you think of my necklace? At first I didn’t really like it, but the more I wore it, the more I liked it. I suppose it’s just one of those things ha ha.. also, if you made a statement necklace, what do think it’ll look like? What is your version of making a statement? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and for reading my post!

Five Starry Outfits To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe!


Hi everyone!

This week, I decided to put together a couple of outfits featuring one of my favorite things; Stars! I absolutely LOVE stars; I love how they brighten up the night sky, I love how unique each star is and I love the fact that although during the day some of them  can’t be seen, they are always still up there in the sky waiting for their time to shine again. Oh and I also love that they can just instantly add in a touch of glamour (and stardust) into any ordinary outfit and instantly brighten it up!

Anyway, I wanted to combine my love of stars and fashion together and this post is the final result! I really hope that you like ’em!

Outfit 1- A Celestial Dream


This was the outfit that originally served the purpose as my inspiration for this post. If I’m completely honest, it almost might be my favourite haha.. I fell in love with the pattern of the sweater and I just knew that I had to pair it up with a pink skirt and a beret! (I also simply ADORE that mini camera as well,don’t you?)

For some reason whenever I find myself putting together outfits, I also dream up people whose personalities are sort of connected to outfit as well. So, for this outfit, I thought that its personality would be someone who loves to daydream and take photographs of everything that she finds extraordinary in an ordinary city and turn it in to something just a little bit magical.

Outfit 2- The Star Spangled Superstar


For this outfit, I wanted to go really casual but also unique and bold, and what’s more bold and unique than a coconut purse, glittery sneakers and fun patterned leggings??

I toned down the star theme a bit with only a white shirt with a row of silver stars around the neckline and a matching celestial bracelet. I think the effect is bit more subtle but still really fun! (and quite effective!)

(Outfit Persona- A fun and quirky teen who walks with confidence and has an immense love for glitter and fruit loops!) 😂💗

Outfit 3- A Starry Night


This look is a bit more toned down in terms of the colour scheme, but I still think its perfect for anyone who is a bit more glamourous and still wants to incorporate this fun theme into an everyday look!

I stuck to grey, black, white and silver for this one and I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out! I absolutely ADORE the shoes (as always haha..) and I thought that adding in the pink frames were a bit of a unique touch.

The person I had in mind while putting this one together is someone who is classy, coordinated and confident but also a tiny bit rebellious and loves to ice-skate, for some reason? I just think that the jacket kind of brings out that different side? Because people can’t really be fit into specific genres, there’s so much more to them than a label after all!

Outfit 4- Starring : Candy With a Sprinkle of Stars


I just HAD to include in an outfit with a dress and as soon as I saw this one, I loved it! The star print isn’t too loud but it isn’t exactly subtle either and I wanted to emphasize that, but also add in a couple of sweet little touches like the golden starry socks that are going to tucked into the boots! (They just remind me of Harry Potter, for some reason so I just had to include ’em!)

I also adore the colourful umbrella that also just adds to the sweet and pastel theme that this outfit brings out!

For some reason when I think about this outfit, I always imagine the person wearing it to be dancing around a cobblestoned street when it is raining with a big smile, while the others are all shut up inside their houses mourning about the gloom.

After all life isn’t always perfect and embracing that fact is the first step to being truly happy and content!

Outfit 5- A Burst Of Stardust


As always, I love to save my most unique outfit for last, and this time definitely isn’t an exception. I found these gorgeous jeans and I paired them up with a cashmere sweater patterned with stars! I was actually quite surprised at the contrast and how much I liked it!

To tie in the outfit together, I added in some silver wedge sneakers, a red and black wristlet and some silver star earrings! This outfit just screams STARS, so its definitely not subtle but I still think that although it’s a bit more bold, you can definitely dress it up or down.

What did you think of this post and my outfits? Did you have a favourite? Oh, and would you wear any of these outfits, if you got the chance? If so, which one and why? I’m quite curious! Let me know in the comments down below!

Have Chapped Lips? Try THIS! | My FAVORITE DIY Lip Scrub Recipe.

DIY, Lifestyle, Style

Hi everyone!

Today I’m finally going to be sharing my go-to DIY lip scrub recipe. If you are anything like me and you have chapped lips all.the.time then this recipe is definitely for you! I discovered this recipe quite a while ago and I altered it lil’ bit to make it more amazing and I really hope that you all like it!

Oh, and you know the best part about this recipe? It can be done made in under three minutes and it’s really really easy too!

  • Sugar- 1 tablespoon
  • Coconut oil-1 teaspoon (you could also substitute this with olive oil or even honey)
  • Vanilla Essence or Extract.
  • Pink or Red food colouring (optional)
  • A Container

  • Mix together the oil and sugar.

  • Then add in vanilla extract (or any other flavoring of your choice) along with a couple of drops of food coloring. (For a little pop of colour or tint after using the lip scrub!)
  • Mix it all together, pop it into a container and then you are done!

If you want to, you can decorate your container as well,I used a bit of washi tape and a couple of letter stickers to make mine a bit more unique and fun!

I absolutely adore this lip scrub and I hope that you do too! It was honestly a life-saver because at some point my lips had gotten so chapped that I could barely even smile without suppressing a grimace of pain. It was awful.

I’d recommend using this with a toothbrush (I know it sounds weird but, hey, it works!) and sort of using it to brush your lips? (With the lip scrub, of course!) It’s actually one of the most effective ways to use it as well haha..you could use your fingers too,of course, but this was just the easiest and the quickest way to do it!

Oh,and you can always feel free to experiment with new flavors and combinations! I made Nutella lip balm a while ago and I can definitely customize this recipe to make a Nutella lip scrub too! You can be as wild and creative as you’d like!

Okay, now I’m dying to know: if you could make a lip scrub or a lip balm in any flavor or combination (go as crazy as you’d like), what would it be?? I think I would probably make something that smells like chocolate but looks like a rainbow. (Rainbow chocolate? Hmmm)

Oh, and do you have chapped lips too? If so,how do you deal with it? I’d love to know!

Comment down below and let me know!

Lee @ Golden Pink Journal

Thank you all so much for reading and for your lovely comments!

Aesthetically Pleasing Bookish Character Mood Boards! | The Aesthetic Tag


Hi everyone!

I hope that you are all having an awesome Sunday! I know that I’ve already posted less than a week ago, but my lovely friend Rosie tagged me to do this (thank you so much Rosie!) and I just couldn’t resist posting it today!

So this is how the tag works!

  • Thank the person that tagged you and leave a link to their blog.
  • Add the following picture to your post.


  • Leave a link to the original post (you can check it out here! )
  • Create aesthetics for the three characters that the person who tagged you gives
  • Make sure to use your own aesthetics
  • Tag at least three bloggers providing links to their blogs
  • List your own set of characters for the people you tagged
  • Have fun!

I have never actually done aesthetics before this so please excuse them if they are bad haha..I had a lot of fun while putting them together though! It was really exciting to look for pictures that speak about the characters and their stories!



-THE WHITE RABBIT (From Alice In Wonderland)

I hope that you liked them!

Here are the people who I tag to  do this wonderful (and very aesthetically pleasing!) tag! 😍







And anyone else who wants to do this tag!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! I’m sure it’s going to be AMAZING! ❤️

-ANNABETH CHASE from The Percy Jackson series

THOMAS from The Maze Runner series

BELLE from Beauty and The Beast

I hope that you all have as much fun as I did while doing this! 😊❤️

What do you think of my aesthetic (hopefully anyway!) mood boards?? Are you following the AMAZING Rosie yet? If not then don’t forget to check out her blog! You are going to love it! Also, what sort of aesthetics are you interested in? Who are some of your favorite book characters? Let me know in the comments down below!

Sasha Chats : A MASSIVE Apology + Why I LOVE Blogging! 💗


Hi everyone!

It’s been simply ages since I’ve last blogged and I can’t tell you all how terribly sorry I am! 😞😭 I’ve been trying to think of exactly what to say in this post for ages, but I still think that nothing I can say is going to do this post complete justice? (Wow that sounded so intense)

So I’m just going spill it all out. That’s the only way that I think I can explain it all.

The past few weeks had been a whirlwind and it carried me away with it. I had TONS of exams to start with and quite a few extra curricular activities (okay, and I got carried away with some fab new books 😉) and in the midst of all of that, I suppose I just didn’t have the time or energy to create a good and interesting blog post. I did make a few DIYs for some fun blog posts though! (I can’t wait to share ’em with you!).

Another major reason was probably because I didn’t prioritize properly? Blogging has and will always be within my top list of priorities, but because I procrastinated so much, I just had cram all of my studying into the last couple weeks. 😂😭 (Thank goodness it’s all over now!)

I actually think that it’s been quite a good learning experience for me because absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? ❤️ And I’ve missed my blog and all of you so much, it’s actually crazy. I suppose you could call this break an ‘ Unintentional Hiatus Due To Sasha’s Procrastination’ 😂

Anyway, I’m really really really sorry for not blogging (and apologizing!) sooner!! I genuinely do LOVE blogging and I simply cannot imagine life without my blog and all of you lovely people. ❤️

Blogging is and has always been something that I’ve loved and enjoyed doing. Ever since I started my blog, my mindset about things has changed immensely and I’ve been able to learn so many new things. I know it sounds a bit cliché but it’s true! I’ve been able to experience and learn and enjoy so many things that I wouldn’t even have dreamed of doing. ❤️

And blogging for me has not been just a hobby, but a passion and it’s like one of those things where you join or start up and expect something good but the result of it is just blows your mind? (If that makes any sense at all haha..)

I just wanted to type up a quick little (but hopefully still meaningful) post to explain everything. I actually kind of think The Break (I’m going to call it that now) was also kind of needed? Now that I’m back, I’m just bursting (I really am) with more fun ideas and posts and so much more! AHHHHH I’m just SO excited to be blogging again! 🎉😊❤️

I also want to just thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for constantly supporting me and being there for me and for just being lovely people in general! You are all amazing! Thank you so much! ❤️😊

I’ve got a TON of fun posts coming up including :

  • Some SNEAK peeks into a book that I’m writing with the AMAZING Ilsa Nite (The most amazing writing partner ever!)
  • A post with my sister! 😉😉 (this one is going to be super exciting!)
  • Wacky Wednesday! (I did something that nobody thought I would do and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!)
  • A Three DAY Donut PARTY! 🎉💗😍 (DONUTs are AMAZING and they need to be appreciated more!)

And many many more fun posts and other things! I would say more but that would spoil the surprise. 😉❤️

Dreamer Diaries : Singapore  [ Part Two ]


Hi everyone!!

Alright! It’s finally time for part two!! I’m so so sorry that I wasn’t able to post this last week! 😭😭 I had a few technical difficulties (literally 😂) and I was also super busy with other extra-curriculars. 😭😭 I just thought it would be better if I posted a good quality post a bit later rather than an awful post that’s hurriedly written. ❤

Anyway, It’s time for day three!! 

On day three, We went to this EPIC island in Singapore called ‘Sentosa’ and it’s known as ‘The State of fun’ so that itself made me extremely excited! We started off the day with a lovely breakfast at Starbucks and went on towards the island. It was quite close to the hotel we were staying (Amara Singapore ❤) so that was great! 

What wasn’t so great was the weather haha…it started raining as we were leaving which was kind of sad because it meant that most of the rides would have to close down for a couple of hours. 

Ahh the Merlion!! 

The good thing was that after a while, the sun came back out and everything opened up again! We had mapped out the places we wanted to visit beforehand (There was a LOT to do!) and I’d definitely recommend doing that too because otherwise it all might get a bit overwhelming. 😊❤

I’m really sorry but this was the only proper picture that I had. 😦 I can’t really share any of the others due to privacy reasons. 

​​Our first stop? Madame Tussaud’s! Madame Tussaud’s is this amazing place where there are life sized wax figures of all sorts of famous people-you can take pictures with them and do a ton of other things too! The wax figures were so realistic, I actually got a fright the first time I saw them. 😂 I couldn’t (and still can’t actually 😂) believe that they were real! 

 Anyway, it was probably the closest thing I’ll ever get to actually meeting all of those lovely people! Especially Gandhi! I even got to take over the throne! (Not for real though 😉)  And after we were done, it took me a couple of minutes to get back to the ‘real world’ because I kept thinking that a person who didn’t move for more then five seconds had just automatically turned into a wax person. 😅😂

This peacock was (very surprisingly) following us back to our seats?? I didn’t really mind, to tell you the truth I was quite honored, but then I realized that it was just going after the fruit that we were holding…oh well..😂

I know this one’s a bit random but I just had to add it in! 

Our next stop was an awesome 4D Adventure ride! It was at this place called 4D Adventure Land, and we went on a ride called ‘The Extreme Log Ride and it was super fun! But who knew logs had such a hard life? I certainly didn’t and now all the logs from around the world will forever have my sympathy. 

Then we went on this AMAZING thing called a luge. (Pronounced as Loog-e.I had some fun with that haha…) it was called ‘The Skyline Luge’ and is said to be the biggest luge in South-East Asia, so that’s really cool! Since there were many trails to choose from, we decided to get tickets to go on it thrice and ride the sky lift (which is super cool!) A sky lift is like a ski lift but without the snow, and I’d always wanted to go on a ski lift so it was a win-win situation! 😉 And a luge is like a go-kart but without the engine..it moves through the forces of gravity alone. 😱💗

I had a bit of trouble getting the hang of the luge at first and I ended up getting stuck, and a huge queue of people were behind me waiting for me to start moving. (Sorry guys!!) It was really embarrassing! 😅 But in the end, my family and I had a race and I ended up coming in second! Yay! So that was a definite improvement haha..

Good Ol’ McDonalds satisfied our appetites when we had our lunch at five thirty in the evening (😂) and then we watched a gorgeous sunset at the beach and left. It was perfect. 

Isn’t it stunning? 😍😍😍

Day Four was very exciting because I went to Universal Studios!! It was my first time ever going to a place like that, with new worlds awaiting at every corner- so I was extremely excited! 😍 It rained again, so some of the rides were closed for a bit, (😭) but they opened up pretty quickly so it was alright! 😁

It’s the globe!!

When I first walked in, I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was like I had been suddenly whisked away to this other-worldly place where everything was perfect and realms were just a couple of minutes away. I loved it! 😍😍

One thing I found super cool about the whole place was that everything was perfectly themed and put together. There were about six-seven realms to explore and each and every single one of them was more astonishing than the other. 

Hollywood was definitely the coolest with cinemas at every corner-and of course Universal is kind of a part of Hollywood (I mean, the Universal movies ❤) so I found that awesome! I’ve got to admit though- my favourite realm would have to be Far Far Away. It was the realm of fairy-takes and it was like something out of a story book! There was even a giant castle! The other realms include- Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt,Madagascar, Jurassic World and New York! 

A lil’ glimpse of what it looked like 😊

Anyway, It closed at about six in the evening (I highly recommend going early so you can finish up all the rides 😊❤) and since we had a bit of spare time left, my family and I headed towards this famous spot called ‘Clarke Quay’ (pronounced at ‘Clark Key’).

It was a lovely spot with tons of people everywhere and a lot of things going on. I think it would have been a great way to meet some locals and just have a chill night. 

 The river there was stunning as well! Especially in the night! All of the lights just reflected back onto the water and it made these cool effects! I also think it’s the perfect place to have a walk along the pier and just reflect on life, I guess? 😂☺️

Oh! And then we went all the way across the town (and almost got lost haha..) to a restaurant called Pistachio (definitely recommend it!) which served some amazing Middle Eastern food! I had never tried it before and I instantly loved it! ❤😊

Day Five was my last day in Singapore so it was quite a sad one, but still AMAZING nonetheless!  😉 My family and I ( I’ll just stop typing that and just say ‘we’ 😂), so we went shopping again!!

All of us had some last minute things that we wanted to get so it was good plan. I also now have two favourite stores. Typo and Daiso were amazing and they had Such. Pretty. Things!! 😍😍 

This was also the day that we tried authentic Singaporean food like Mee-Goreng and Korean food and Malaysian food! It was quite an adventurous day and I actually really enjoyed it! 😊❤

I also found this J.K Rowling quote (😍😍) In a Hardware store in the Mall we went to (VEVO City!) which obviously instantly made me fall in love with it. ❤

How cool is that??

And that’s it…Unfortunately! Singapore was AMAZING and I had a brilliant time and I absolutely loved writing about it all!! I hope that you have enjoyed reading Dreamer Diaries and thank you so so much for all of your love and support!! I can’t tell you how much it means to me! 😊❤

Let me know what you thought about my travel diary (and about Singapore!) in the comments!! I also really want to know-Out of the seven realms in Universal which one do you think would have been your fave one? I’m really curious! ☺️❤

Picture Credits go to my siblings.😊❤

It’s FINALLY Here-The Blog PARTY BEGINS! | Celebrating 400+ Followers and My First Bloggerversary!! 😊🎉💗


Hi everyone!!

Alright…so it’s finally time!!! Yay!!! Unfortunately, the countdown is over, but it’s now time for the blog party and I couldn’t be more excited!! ❤

Recently-quite a few days ago actually-We hit 400 followers which seems pretty unbelievable to think about. 😱😱😱 Even now. Many days later. ☺️🎉 but OMG thank you all so so so so much!!!! You deciding to follow and support me and my lil blog means a lot to me!! So thank you!!! 😊❤ *gives you all virtual hugs*

This news actually made me even more excited, (if that was even possible!) to host this blog party, because if means that I’m now celebrating 400+ followers instead of 350 and my Bloggerversary!! (It honestly still feels unbelievable!) ☺️❤😍

Ooh and speaking of followers and Bloggerversaries, here’s a little list of the stats for my first year of blogging! 

MASSIVE Shoutout to my top commenters-ILSASitharaLui and May!!Thank you all so so so much for all of your amazing and lovely comments (and for all of your support!!)

Although stats are fun, Personally, I don’t think that stats should affect your blogging or your blog posts, unless it’s for the better, because stats don’t always determine how much people like or value your blog posts, so that’s something that I’ve always tried to keep in mind throughout my first year of blogging. (Great advice from my brother!) 

But…it’s always really really fun to celebrate and just share all of your oodles of excitement with the rest of the blogosphere, which is why I love parties and celebrations! 🎉💗😍

This is my very first time hosting a blog party, so I’m very very excited!! (and a tad bit nervous!!) But, if you don’t know what a blog party is, then I’ll just give you a quick little explanation. 😊

A blog party is a place where you get to meet other bloggers, discover their blogs and read their posts, get to eat virtual cake, ice cream and donuts, make tons of new friends and promote your blog! 

How to Participate!

  • Leave a link to your blog in the comments and explain what you blog about and why you love to blog.( the last part is optional though!) You may do this numerous times during the day, or night.
  • You can also mention a few things that you are into, like books or fashion! This will help you identify other people who share the same interests and make new friends!
  • You could also share a link to one of your favorite posts in your blog.
  • Don’t just share only your blog, always be sure to check out other blogs as well!

Blog parties also have a couple of rules. (It depends on the blogger who is hosting it) so here are mine! 

  • Always be polite, friendly and thoughtful
  • Make sure to constantly keep distributing the virtual donuts. (And make sure to grab a couple for yourself as well!)
  • You can comment and promote your blog up to three times as day! 
  • Be sure to check in regularly to check out other blogs and read new posts.
  • Be friendly and drop a comment or two on someone else’s posts! (It’ll make their day!)
  • And Most Importantly-Have Fun and Celebrate!! 

    Oh and please spread the word!! I’d love for as many people to join in so that it can be really MASSIVE Blog party, so that we can have a gigantic celebration and be sure to discover as many new blogs (and make as many new friends) as possible!

    The blog party starts right about…NOW!! And ends on Saturday -The 12th! (In three-four days) So keep partying and have as much fun as possible! ☺️❤

    Let’s Celebrate!! 

    P.S-The gorgeous featured image does not belong to me. It belongs to its rightful owner. 

    The Awesome Blogger Award! 🎉😊💗


    Hi everyone! 

    So today, I thought that it would be fun to catch up on some awards and tags that I was nominated for! (Thank you all so so so much for all of your amazing nominations!! I can’t wait to do all of the fun tags and awards!!) 

    So, Quite a while ago actually,the amazing Oriana nominated for me for The Awesome Blogger Award, which was lovely of her to do especially being such an AWESOME blogger herself!! thank you so so much Oriana!! ☺️❤

    Let’s get started with the questions! 

    1. Do your family and friends know about your blog ?

    • Well…Most of the members in my family know, like my immediate family (I don’t stop talking about my blog to them so even if they wanted to forget about it,it would be impossible haha…) and my grandparents and a few of my aunts and uncles! My friends don’t know about my blog though-only my best friend knows. ❤

    2. Is there something for what you’d give up everything ?

    • Yes. Quite a few things actually! I’d give up everything for my religion, my family and my friends. 

    3. How do you deal with stress and pressure ?

    • Ooh,this is a really good question! Well first I try to think through all of the options as to why I’m stressed and why I’m feeling pressured and then I make a TON of plans as to how I can stop being stressed (this might go both ways and end up making me feel even more stressed or really organized. It really depends on the situation) 
    • Or, I just talk to someone! (like my mum! ❤) about it and then I grab some chocolate and a good book to make myself feel better! It works every time! ☺️

    4. What’s the best dish you can make?

    • Donuts,Milkshakes and anything that involves Nutella or a very simple recipe! 😜

    5. Do you have a favorite YouTuber?

    • Oh yes! I have quite a few favorite YouTubers but I think my favorite one would have to be-IISuperwomanII! She’s funny, awesome and really inspiring! 

    6. Pizza vs Pasta?

    • I love both of them, but I’ve got to choose Pizza on this one! 

    7. Do you have a dream?

    • Yes! I have a LOT of dreams! Some of the bigger ones are more of plans really..? They include world domination, having international daydream day and tons more fun things!  😉🎉

      8. When you’re invited for a meal at someone else’s home, and there is something you hate on your plate, do you eat it?

      • I don’t think I would? I think I would politely refuse and then apologize (many times) for not being able to eat it. 

      9. What is your favorite outfit?

      • I don’t actually have just one favorite outfit,but I do have a template for all of my favorite outfits! All of them are usually long dresses paired with a cardigan or a jacket and with some really cute accessories! 

      10. Where are you from?

      • I’m really sorry but I don’t think I will be able to answer this question, because it’s a bit personal and I am kind of an anonymous blogger…Anyway, I’m really really sorry! 😭😭

      That’s it for the questions and my answers! I really hope that you enjoyed reading this quick little tag and (hopefully!) got to know me a bit better!! ☺️ I had a really fun time answering these questions and I’ll definitely be back with more fun tags in the future. 💗😊

        I nominate-

        Anyway, Here are my questions! 

        • What is the one thing you cannot leave the house without?
        • What would  your dream job be like?
        • Would you like to be famous? And if so, for what? 
        • Do you like animals? If so, who is your favorite animal?
        • If you could travel back in time, where would you travel to?
        • What’s your favorite thing to eat?
        • What are three things that  you would take to a deserted island? 
        • What is your favorite colour? (I’m kind of curious!) 
        • What is one thing you are completely obsessed with? 
        • Who inspires you the most and why? ❤

        I can’t wait to read your answers!! Please do let me know if you have done this before, or if you are planning to do it (and leave a link down below if you have!) I’d love to check it out!! Thank you so much for reading! See you all tomorrow!