DIY School Supplies Haul!Β 

Hi everyone! 

So last week I went back to school, (😭) and because I am starting a new term at school, I decided to DIY a few of my school supplies and do a little haul! I don’t think I have ever done a haul on my blog so this is really exciting!! 😊

A huge thank you to my sister for taking the gorgeous pics!! I absolutely love how they turned out! 😍

Anyway, the reason I’m doing this is because:

  • I love reading Back to School blog posts
  • I love getting inspiration from them for my own Supplies! 
  • And I love blogging so I decided to merge everything together! 
  • I’m also sharing some of my favorite back to school DIYs and my essentials so that we can all be prepared! 

I honestly think that preparing to go back to school might be even more fun than actually going back to school haha… the excitement wears off after a while but your supplies last for the whole year! ❀ 

Alright…*dramatic pause* Roll the pictures! (I know it’s actually supposed to be roll the clips but hey, this works too…right?) πŸ˜‚

The first few things I have are the usual boring essentials… BUT I jazzed them up a bit with some of my favorite DIY ideas and I’m going to share them with you! 
I also have a few tips so I hope that will help as well!  πŸ˜Š

  • Let’s start with the pencils-This year I wanted some really fun pencils, so instead of just covering them in ordinary washi tape, I came up with an idea that I like to call ‘Double Sided Pencils’. I decided to cover one side in one pattern and the other side in another pattern so that way-I’ll never be bored! 

  • For my pencil sharpener (I know it’s a bit odd to just talk about a pencil sharpener, but I just have to add this in haha..) I’d recommend getting a big sharpener so that you can just dump in all of your dirt in the container and throw it later instead of having to walk out of class just to sharpen your pencils! (This actually really helps!) 
  • I also just spiced up my ruler and my stapler with some rhinestones and washi tape,and it honestly made a huge difference! And it took less than a minute! And it was so easy! 

  • Pens and pens and more pens!  I went a bit nuts over my pens this year, to be honest. I think it’s a bit of a problem… you see… I have a massive gel pen addiction! I just love them! They are amazing! 😍😍😍 I mean, how could you not love them?? I don’t use them for exams (because that’s dangerous, they are way too precious to be wasted!) but I use them for everything else. I got myself some fine liners this year as well and I love ’em! Coming from a person who has not-so-nice handwriting, gel pens are a lifesaver! 
  • I also got some really pretty pens like a donut pen and the pom-Pom pen! (Both of them are gel too,of course!) πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

  • This year, I wanted to get very creative with my highlighters, so I decided to label them-according to their colours so that I can colour code all of my notes and never forget what each colour stands for! 
  • I also got the other fun supplies like sticky notes and fun pointers and things like that. Coloured notes are honestly an amazing invention. They just make everything so much easier (not to mention prettier!) and it’s really easy to label everything so I’d definitely recommend getting yourself some of those! 

  • I also got two little notebooks so that I can jot down my to-do lists and of course-doodle! 
  • And the last and final thing is something that took literally two minutes but it changed everything! I don’t know about you but I don’t really enjoy doing maths. So this year, I thought that if I make my maths box pretty and covered in my favorite things, then I might feel motivated enough to use it more often! ( and it worked! School has just started and I’ve already used it!) I found an old lip-smacker container and covered the label with washi tape and put in all of my things and it was the perfect fit! So if you have any old tins or boxes, just cover them in some patterned paper and marvel at the difference. 😊

And that’s it! I really hope that you enjoyed reading and that you got some ideas for your own supplies! (They all take less than five minutes!) πŸ˜‰

Alright so… The comments of the week go to…




Thank you so much Mahriya and Sithara!! and Thank you ALL so much for all of your amazingly lovely comments on all of my posts-you are all amazing!! ☺️❀ and They honestly make my day! πŸŒˆπŸ’— *hugs*

What did you think of my school supplies? Are you going back to school early too? Do you have an addiction to gel pens (please tell me I’m not alone on this one!)? Are you obsessed with donuts as well??  Let me know in the comments down below!