My Blog Makeover | Part 1 | Plans and Pretty Things

Hi everyone! 

First of all….


 I’m so excited! I’m finally going to redo my blog! 

I’ve been planning this for simply ages and I can’t  wait to share it all with all of you! So,for the next few days prepare for a design party! 

In this blog post I will not only be sharing how I am redoing my blog but also tips and ideas as well! 

Let the Design Party begin! 

So the first thing I did was get inspiration. 

I collected pictures and wallpapers and quotes. Anything I liked and anything that gave me inspiration was saved into my blog folder.

This was one of my favourite parts of The Makeover because I found it a lot of fun to look at pictures and go through other blogs for design inspiration.

I really love stripes,polka dots,bright colours and quotes so I made sure to save a LOT of those!

The next thing I did was make a mood board!

 I picked out all of my favourite pictures from the ones that I had collected and I put it into a grid so I could compare the colours and the patterns and see if they all went well together and complemented each other.

 Here you can put in all those colours and random patterns and quotes which will form your colour palette. This step is important because it is the first glimpse of how your blog could potentially look like! 

Here is what my mood board looks like!

I used PhotoGrid to put this all together and I’m already loving how it looks!

 Don’t be afraid to play around with different textures,colours and patterns like I did. With my mood board I found it really easy to plan my blog colour palette and extra features! 

Which leads me to the next step..

It was finally time to put my mood board into action and plan! 

I decided that my colour palette would be –

Hot Pink,Turquoise,Black,White,Lilac and Blush Pink! 

I would also be having a few touches of Gold (for the extra glam!) and Glitter (Because you HAVE to have Glitter!) 

I know it’s an awful lot of colours but they all complement each other perfectly and it’s really easy to incorporate them into all of my posts.( and they are all my fave colours haha)

I also have a little idea in my head of how I want my blog to look like but you will find out the finished outcome in the final post of this mini series. 😉 ( I CANNOT WAIT!)

Let me know in the comments down below what you think about my colour palette and mood board! I really hope you like them!

I would also LOVE to know if you would like any extra features/special things on my blog or even just blog post ideas that you want to see! 

I’m super excited for Part 2 because it’s going to involve a bit of voting and a LOT of fun!

Keep dreaming!

~The Stylish Dreamer