My First Bloggerversary!! | Exciting Announcement Revealed! 🎉💗😍

Hi everyone!

So….It's August 1st!! Finally!!

Alright so why this day is so special is because, exactly a year ago, on this day…I started up this blog! And I had absolutely NO idea that it would turn out to be such an AMAZING and wonderful journey. (with a few bumps here and there of course, but that is what makes it a journey after all! ☺️) and blogging has now become one of my biggest passions! 😍

Starting this blog has been one of the very best decisions that I have ever made in my life (and that's saying something-because I have made quite a few good decisions-reading Harry Potter and eating pink donuts are some of them…AH I love pink donuts) 😍

Anyway, all of this makes today my FIRST official bloggerversary and I honestly don't think I could be any more excited than I am now!! 🎉😁 I can't even believe that this day is finally here!!

And this evening, I got another lovely surprise! ❤

WordPress just made it official! Thank you so much WP! ☺️❤

And thank YOU all so so so much for all of your lovely support and comments and just overall awesomeness!! You are all simply AMAZING and I've been extremely lucky enough to have gotten to know some of you through your blogs and even more lucky to have made so many brilliant friends!! 😊🎉 (shoutout to my blogger buddies! ☺️ you are all amazing!)

So, to celebrate- I've decided to have a little blog celebration (time for the exciting announcement!!)

Alright so, as most of you already know, I'm going to be hosting a blog party to celebrate my bloggerversary, so I'm going to (hopefully!) be posting every day leading up to the blog party!!

The blog party is going to be on the ninth of August and it's going to be a MASSIVE party (well, hopefully?) so It's going to last for three whole days, which is awesome because I ADORE Blog parties! Especially massive ones haha…

Why the ninth of August? Because I published my first ever post on this blog on that day (gosh, it was so long ago!) and to celebrate that and to just celebrate blogging in general, I'm going to be blogging all about my favorite things until the ninth!

I actually got this idea after reading Sithara's lovely comment on my blog. (thank you so much Sithara!!) She mentioned that she had this fantasy of books and all sorts of lovely things in the blog party, and that's what sparked this idea-to blog about exactly that! Just celebrating all of the lovely things that make me happy and topics that I love to blog about every day! 😍

I've been working on this for quite a bit and I couldn't be more excited to get started!! I've already got a TON of ideas!

Thank you all so very much everything again!! *sends you all a virtual hug*

Oh, anddd Positive Vibes Only is also going to be official on the ninth!! So get excited for that as well!! (I'm going to email all of the members ASAP with all of the details! ❤) Oh and if you haven't joined yet, but you want to join, please let me know in the comments down below! I'd love to have you on board! (Ooh, that sounds like we are going on a cruise or something 😂 Sorry 'bout that matey! Gosh, I sound like a pirate now 😂 not that it's a bad thing of course!)

Anyway, I really do hope that you love the idea as much as I do! and let me know in the comments if you want me to blog about anything in particular, or if you enjoyed any specific types of posts? I'd love to hear your suggestions! ☺️💗

See you all tomorrow!

P.S-I just realized that I've used the word 'celebrate' a TON of times in this post! I'm going to try and count to see just how many times. 😂 Give it a go as well and let me know, I'm really curious haha!

P.P.S-Picture credits go to Whi