A Little Break 😢😭

Hi everyone. 

This is a very very hard post for me to type out…. but I think that I should let you all know that…. *sniffs*

I’m not going to be blogging for the next two weeks. 

I know! It’s so sad! I actually can’t even believe I’m doing this but what has to be done has to be done,right? 

Anyway the reason for this disastrous thing to happen is because I have exams ( ugh) . Final exams. And I don’t want to get distracted or anything like that and I want to experiment with not using any electronic devices for a week and see how it goes. ( the experiment thing is just an added bonus and a fun blog post idea! exams do have advantages..sometimes…like when they are over)

As you can tell,I’m already suffering from EB. Exam Blues haha…

 On the bright side,when I’m back,I can concentrate on blogging and writing better posts! Also I’m planning on doing a little study guide with all of my study tips and other things to help you survive your exams! 

Hopefully it all goes well and I’ll be back soon! 😃 I’ve already started a countdown to when my exams end and the count so far is 15 Days. My freedom is 15 days away. I can’t wait! 

I’m awfully sorry about all of this,I will try my best to get back to blogging as soon as possible! 

What are your thoughts on exams? Are you on holiday right now? If so,then lucky you! Do you have any upcoming exams? Do you suffer from EB too? Please tell me I’m not the only one haha. Let me know in the comments!

Look out for many more book reviews and fashion posts and a very special collab once I’m back! I’m very excited!