My Blog Makeover | Part Three | Sneak peek at my NEW Blog Design + Fun tips

Hi everyone! 

OMG! We finally made it to Part 3! And Thank you all so so much for your votes! I really really appreciated it.All of your lovely comments seriously made my day! 

And a MASSIVE thank you to all of you who have nominated me for awards and tags! It honestly makes me so happy! 😊

Personally whenever I get nominated for something I get really excited and I feel elated because it’s kind of like proof that someone likes your posts or your blog so much that they nominate you for something. 

So THANK YOU all so so much!!! 

Soo…anyway… you have probably noticed by now that there has been a minor  major change in my blog.

And you know what this means….

The Design party is over….


My Blog Makeover is almost done! 

This is something that I have mixed feelings about because the design process has been so much fun and this mini series has been a blast so that is something I’m going to miss.

 But, I’m really liking my blog design so far and I hope that you do too which is why I wanted to give you all a little preview with this post haha…

 This post is sort of like a little ramble because I have a really MASSIVE blog update planned and I don’t want to give anything too exciting away,but I still really really wanted to write a post to sort of explain what was going on.

 ( I’m so so sorry for the wait! But you know what they say… Anticipation is good for the soul!) At least I hope so! haha…

Anyway, unfortunately I still haven’t decided on my theme yet ( my current one is nucleare) but I’ll keep all of you posted on how that goes! 


Here is my header! 

Unfortunately I decided not to use the headers that I had made previously because I found out that they didn’t really go with what I wanted so I had to change it but I did use the basic layout for which all of you had voted on…

And this is my background!

Also! I don’t want to reveal too much but I am adding a fun new feature to my blog! 
I’m doing something that I call a ‘Quote Corner’ and over there I will be transferring some of my fave quotes into wallpapers and I will be updating it whenever I post my weekly blog posts! 

And the best part is that you can download it or save it and use it for free! Just make sure to give credit if you are using it for other purposes or on your blog and don’t distribute/ reproduce without permission and please don’t use it as your own design. 

I also discovered a few thingsin the midst of redecorating and I thought that I’d share a few tips! 

My colour palette was very large so I couldn’t incorporate all the colours everywhere so I had to narrow it down to five colours instead of seven which was awful because I really LOVED all of those colours so instead of using them as my main colours,I decided to add them in wherever I could! 

It was also much easier to design with less colours but still make the designs  colourful and fun,so I definitely recommend that you don’t have more than five colours on your colour palette. 

My mood board came in handy a lot especially when I was deciding how I wanted my blog to look. I think it really helps to see what you want altogether and I think a mood board is the perfect way to display that! 

This also helps when you need to decide a theme. I recommend making a list of the features that you want your blog to have and then selecting your theme because then not only wil it be easier to narrow down your options but also you will be getting exactly what you want! 

Stay organized always! Make a list of the things that you need to do and the graphics you need to make etc. You could even make yourself a little schedule!

My awesome friend Mahriya actually told me this, and she told me to make a list of the things that I needed to get done so that way it would be easier for me to tick off what I have already done. 

    Personally I love lists and I can’t get enough of them so this was perfect for me and you also feel more organized if you have a list and you also get a sense of accomplishment after you tick each thing off of your list. 

    And of course! Most importantly have fun! Design is all about expressing yourself and having fun so go ahead and have fun! Enjoy every single second of it because you are doing something you love! 

    I really really hope that these tips help you out and that you found this mini series fun and useful! I had a TON of fun writing these posts haha…

    Also another MASSIVE thank you to my amazing friends Farah and Mahriya for their awesome design tips and for their help in general! Both of them are not only awesome bloggers but awesome graphic designers as well so do check out their blogs.

     Trust me, you will love them!

    Unfortunately we have finally come to the end of the Design Party but it’s okay because there will definitely be more fun parties in the future! 

    But until then:

    Keep Dreaming! 

    ~The Stylish Dreamer