I Survived?!| 5 Days of NO Wifi ðŸ˜±ðŸ˜¬

Hi everyone! 

I’m finally back! And my exams are over! And now I’m going to have quite a bit of free time for blog posts!! *cue the cheers from me* aahhh…I missed all of you and my Blog and just blogging in general so much!

 *gives you all a huge hug* 

and also Thank you all so much for all of your amazing comments,it really meant a LOT to me! And all of your encouragement really helped me go through my exams! 

Alright, as I mentioned in my previous post,I decided to do a little experiment (because why not right?) on electronics. 

So I challenged myself to go for 5 days with no electronics and no wifi, nothing at all* 

Now I don’t think that I’m the type of person who can’t live without wifi for a week or so,but I definitely need wifi for things like Google and YouTube and of course WordPress! So I was not exactly sure on how this would go,I was a confident that I could do it but I wasn’t sure how I would do it if that makes any sense at all?

But anyway on Sunday evening,my electronics were shut away into a cupboard and then I was officially disconnected from the rest of the world. ( well internet wise anyway haha..) so it was No Wifi and No Electronics** for five days. 

Goodbye Wifi. Hello Books! (And exams😋) 

I decided to just record the thoughts I had and what I realized each day and put it all together in the end,decide on how it turned out overall and plan on what I’m going to do to (hopefully) improve!

*I only had to make a little exception for my alarm which was vital especially during my exams because I wanted to wake up early in the morning to study
** By Electronics I mean IPads,computers,phones,laptops…Not things like Fridges and Microwaves. 

I think that this day was definitely the easiest because I was already a quite worried (but that’s in the past now no more of that) about my first few exams,so I barely had time to think about wifi or electronics in general. 

 I did really miss checking everything like my emails,messages and social media though, I just missed procrastinating in general I suppose haha..

 I would say that it was a major adavantage in that way because you can’t procrastinate if you have nothing to procrastinate with right? So you are forced to do what you are supposed to do.(which was a good thing when it came to exams)

I noticed that I felt like I had a LOT more time,if that makes any sense at all. I think that sometimes, I get so absorbed with something online like an article on Pinterest or a YouTube video that I don’t even notice the time passing by and then I look up and realize I’ve just spent two hours doing something that should have taken about a minute. ( I get distracted very easily haha..)

I think this is the first day that I properly missed using electronics and wifi. I wanted to know what was going on in the blogosphere and just about what was going on in general. Other than my curiosity, day three was pretty lovely because it symbolized that half of the week was over! 

    I HAD TO RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO USE ELECTRONICS. This day was extremely hard for me because :

    a) My siblings were free to use the wifi (this was the main reason 😉)

    b) The week was almost over

    c) I wanted to do something other than study (the exam blues were bad haha..) 

    But of course,I couldn’t do that so I decided to read a book instead (because books are the BEST) and I’m very glad I did because the book was lovely and it was a great way to unwind for a few minutes. 😊 So no regrets about that.

      Alright, so you know when you are close to getting something, extremely close to something, it could be success, a new phone,convincing your mum to buy you a donut because of its ‘health benefits’*** anything really! -and you know that you are going to get it, you are going to win the battle but you still can’t wait any longer,it’s so close that you can touch it but not so close that it’s yours-that’s what happened on Friday (Day Five). 

      This was mostly due to the fact that school was over for the week,the weekend had unofficially begun and I would be able to use electronics the very next day! 

      So as you can imagine,it was very hard.*sighs dramatically* but books decided to come to my rescue! (They have been saving me a lot lately haha.. and I decided to start reading an amazing new series called ‘The Song of The Lioness’ by Tamora Pierce, and OMG as soon as I read the first page, I was hooked! All credit definitely goes to my mum for introducing me to such lovely books! 😍

      I actually want to do a review on it but I have a TON of things planned already so I’m not quite sure if I can, but I will definitely try my best! (It was so good I finished the entire series in about 3 days) 

      Anyway,that was awesome and it was much much better than cheating on my challenge,so Friday was definitely a great day! 

      ***By health benefits I mean things like it’s good for the soul,increases the world’s happiness meter,donuts are secretly cute little things that have be eaten before the day is over to get a good dosage of calcium (I don’t think that’s true by the way. But hey?maybe it could be!) 

      Anyway,on Saturday I was able to use electronics again! and it was a wonderful moment to just catch up on everything and just check my emails and go on Goodreads and watch videos! And of course the reunion with everything online was also very memorable but not very touching apparently, because no one cried with happiness (not even me) because to be honest I don’t think I missed it all that much? I mean it wasn’t bad. At all. 

      I think that I’ve definitely learnt a lot from that week. I know that I’m definitely not dependent on wifi and it’s not the end of the world if I can’t use it for a bit (unless you don’t have books in that case..then…I don’t really know?) I really did miss using electronics and I’ve got to admit,I felt very…disconnected to the world? 

      I mean, aliens could have taken over a part of the world and I would have had no idea. 👽😅

      I’m also going to try my best to not always aimlessly do things when I’m bored.I felt like I had so much time when I was in the real world and I was doing things like reading and talking and spending real quality time with my family and friends and also I think a lot of time gets wasted when you are just aimlessly doing things. 

      I also think I want to concentrate a little more on my hobbies,like baking cakes-that may or may not be good,READING (of course),Writing and of course blogging! 

      I think I’ve also learnt not to take advantage of what you have..because for a week,I was disconnected from the world-but I knew that at the end of that week,everything would go back to normal…

      But What If? What if I didn’t have Wifi after that? Then even all the important things that I need wifi for will be gone-forever. Research,Tutorials,Ideas and so much more are all literally at my fingertips but I need to use them well and not just take advantage just because it’s there y’know?

      What did you think of my little experiment? Do you agree with me? Would you try this out? I definitely would recommend it! What do you think your experience would be like? Let me know in the comments! 

      Also, I have a little exciting announcement! My blog is now thestylishdreamer.com as well as thestylishdreamer.wordpress.com! You can use both URLs to get to my blog,but from now onwards,I will be using thestylishdreamer.com. They are both the same site though! Check it out and let me know what you think! 

      Huge Shoutout to my awesome brother for doing this for me! Thank you so much!! 😊❤ 

      Anddd…one more thing! I’m going to have a new thing on my blog where I will feature my favourite comment (s) from the week! 

      This week’s comments go to…

      Ipuna Black

      And Omobim1!

      A huge thank you to the both of you for your awesome comments! 😍

      And thank you to all of you for your lovely comments and for reading!